Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I ❤ Real Techniques!!

     About a year ago a purchased a brush set from Coastal Scents, and while the eye brushes are holding up fine, the face brushes took a crap. I received 2 flat top kabuki type brushes instead of one (score!), but sadly they both met the garbage quite a long time ago. They both shed so bad that eventually the whole entire bristle part just fell out. The handles have all been hot glued back to the ferrule of every single face brush. Basically, I was in need of new face brushes.

     About 4 months ago I purchased my first set of Real Techniques brushes from Ulta. I decided to go with the Core Collection to try out. I fell in LOVE!!! They are so, so soft. There is not a traditional ferrule to the brushes, which is nice, because mine always come loose. Instead they have long aluminum type handles that the bristles fit into. These brushes wash like a dream, and dry pretty darn quickly, compared to a lot of other brushes. Needless to say, after that I just kept on picking up more brushes. I now have quite a collection, and I thought I'd share with you my favorite ways to each brush.

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 Core Collection:
❤  Pointed Foundation Brush: I use this brush for a couple of purposes. (All these brushes are multi-functional). I use it sometimes to apply concealer under my eyes. Usually I use it to apply liquid highlighter to my face. 
❤  Buffing Brush: I use this brush to apply liquid foundation, most generally. I also use it to buff in a powder if I want fuller coverage.
❤  Detail Brush: This is supposed to be a face, or lip, brush; however I find I use this brush more on my eyes. Either for really packing color onto the lid, or applying brow highlighter.
❤  Contour Brush: Sometimes I use this brush for making a concentrated contour. Usually I use this for applying highlighter, but sometimes I also use it for blush.

❤  Powder Brush: This is pretty self explanatory. I use this with my setting powder. This is a great big, super soft brush.

❤  Setting Brush: I ove this little guy. I use this mainly for applying powder to set my under-eye concealer. It's also great for applying highlight.

❤  Blush Brush: This was at one time my favorite blush brush, but now I use it to apply all over bronzer. I like the shape it is. It can be used for contouring when you want a more blending out contour, instead of super concentrated. 

❤  Expert Face Brush: This is another brush I like to use for applying liquid foundation.

❤  Travel Essentials Kit:
❤  Essential Foundation Brush: I'm honestly not really sure what to do with this. These flat type foundations brushes are not my thing. If I find a good use, I'll let you know. lol
❤  Multi Task Brush: This brush really is multi-task! This one is great for applying bronzer, blush or powder. It's almost like the Powder & Blush brushes had a baby, and this is what they produced. It's not super big, but not overly small either.
❤  Domed Shadow Brush: I'm sure this could be used for eyeshadow, but I find it a bit large for that. It's perfect for blending out concealer.

So there is my Real Techniques brush collection. I absolutely ADORE these brushes and want to buy the rest of them. They are so good, and much more budget friendly that MAC or Sigma. They also hold up a lot better than a lot of the ELF brushes (which I'm not knocking, I love ELF Studio brushes).

Do you own any of these brushes? Which ones are your favorites?

This is not a sponsored post, I purchased every one of these brushes myself. 

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