About Me

    My name is Manda.... and I am a beauty addict. I am also a stay at home mommy to 4 awesome little guys. Having 4 small children, I tend to let "girl time" slip to the wayside sometimes. No makeup, ponytail and pajamas most days. I am determined to keep up on my "me" time everyday because, let's face it: it just makes a girl feel better when she's put together. My husband can't stop checking me out,  and I actually have a lot more self confidence lately. Win-Win!! =)
I am by no means a makeup artist, nor have I taken any classes or anything like that. I am just a regular girl who goes with what works. My mission for this blog is to to post looks of the day, product reviews, and hauls. I am NOT a rich person, so most things I have and use are very affordable for everyone. I do like to save up and splurge for a more expensive item sometimes though. I hope someone will get some good tips out of this, and if not.... well I tried! So enjoy, and have fun being beautiful YOU!! =)

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