Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide to Show Your Guy

    Let's face it ladies: men have no idea what to buy their significant other for Christmas (or birthdays). I received a DVD player last year for my birthday. Yes, I cried.
    I'm here to break it down for you (I like to keep it real haha). If you like beauty products, or want an idea of something to try out, show your man this list. Give the guy a break, they can't read minds girls! (Trust me, I learned this the hard way.... DVD....)
    There are WAY too many things on this list to have a picture of every single thing. Almost all product descriptions will be clickable links where you can go check it out. This list is composed of both drugstore and higher end products. Also, let me say this: don't ask for mascara or foundation. I don't know why, it just seems too weird and personal to me. Besides, shade matching on ourselves it hard enough, don't even bother trying to have a guy do it LOL.

Eye Shadows/ Eye Liners
    I think if you are going to ask for eye shadow, go for a palette. It has more to offer, and there are some great gift-able palettes out there around the holidays. I'll list some basics. These are mostly neutrals, because you can't go wrong there.

Too Faced Natural Eye palette
    I have a couple options here, but blush is something that has a lot to do with preference. Don't forget to specify if you like pink, peach, pinky/peach, berry.... etc.

    There are quite a few lip sets out for the holidays right now. Here are some choices for you lip product junkies out there ;)
Kat Von D set
Nail Polish

Glimmer Wonderland set
High End Combo Sets
LORAC Jewelry Box
Skin Care

Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes set

    There are always so many great fragrance sets this time of year. Places like Walmart and Meijer always have sets that include perfume and lotion for $15- $30. They have all the celebrity fragrances, and also brands like Lucky. Another option are "Rollerballs". Basically what a rollerball is, is a tube of perfume with a ball on the end that you roll onto your skin. They are $19, and are available at Ulta and Sephora. I'm sure other places sell them for cheaper if you look around for them.
    Sephora also has a pretty cool Roller ball set for $65. It is a set of 7 different full size rollerballs, which retail for $19 each. I think that's a pretty cool way to try out a bunch of scents before spending $60 on a full bottle. They used to include a certificate in this set that was good for a FREE full size of your favorite, but I'm not sure if they still do that or not.

I hope this helped you out for your Wish List this holiday season, maybe you got a few ideas of gifts to GIVE also =) Hopefully this helps the guys out there out too. Now nobody tell me they got a DVD player this year (unless you asked for one of course!)

Happy beautifying lovelies!!

Au Natural

    I have to admit, I feel a little like a school teacher in this get-up. I kinda likey though =) I'm wearing khaki corduroys, an olive green top, and a mustard colored cardigan. I got the bun going on, and natural makeup. It's colorful, but sophisticated at the same time.

    I used a metallic finish peachy/nude color for my lids. I blended that out into my outer V very slightly. Using a matte taupe color (Naked from UD would be perfect, or something similar) I blended out my crease, and any harsh edges from the lid color. I finished off the look with a little bit of cream colored shimmer on the brow one. I used a brown eyeliner and lined my upper lash line from the middle out into a small wing. I lined the lower waterline with a white eyeliner to make my eyes seem more open, and awake. Mascara on top and bottom lashes completes the eyes. I used a mostly matte peachy nude color on the apples and backs of my cheeks. I have no lip color on today (I was lazy).

Happy Beautifying lovelies! <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Black & Brown

    So yesterday, I wore an all black outfit with brown boots. This would normally be tacky, but black & brown together are actually pretty trendy right now. This doesn't mean I didn't feel a little odd though, lol. To tie my outfit together I choose leopard print earrings, and did a brown and black eye look.

    I used a deep bronze color for the lid, and blended the crease out with a matte taupe color. I *successfully* applied false eyelashes (1st time, go me!), and used a cream/gel eyeliner over top, and also on the bottom lashes. I finished it off with a little bronzer to the contours of my cheeks. I am wearing NYX lip gloss in Perfect (which is a sheer pink with micro sparkles) .

    What do you think? Is black & brown still a no-no? Does tying your makeup into the outfit help balance it out? I don't know, I'm still worried I looked like a fool, but I was comfortable so who cares?

    Happy Beautifying lovelies =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loving Now: Wet n Wild: Hannah Pinktana

     I picked this pretty pink polish up the other day kind of as a last thought. I'm soooo glad I did! I got this on sale at Meijer for 50% off, which is awesome. I had never tried the Fast Dry type of Wet n Wild nail polishes before, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

    This particular color is a sheer jelly pink with holographic type micro glitter. It is the! I did 2 coats, then a french tip, then 1 more coat, topped off with top coat. The pictures don't pick up the pink so well, it looks more purple on camera than it does in real life.

This shows a little more pink, but it is actually pinker than this. Look at all the sparklies =)

Have you tried this color? I have a feeling I will be wearing it A LOT!

Happy Beautifying!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse

    Let me start off by saying I've been only wearing Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation for over 3 now. I don't remember the last time I religiously wore a liquid foundation, if ever. I am so sensitive to EVERYTHING! I always break out, ALWAYS. Very annoying. Well I'm coming to a point in my life where I want a bit more coverage. Also, winter is coming and I need all the help I can get, LOL.
    I previously tried Rimmel 100% Clean liquid foundation. I broke out terribly within 3 days. It took almost 2 weeks to get back to normal =( So, needless to say, I gave up for a while. Then I saw someone on YouTube feature this mousse stuff, and it sparked my interest. This is not the original Dream Matte Mousse, it's more firm (I believe).I decided to check this out because I had $1 off coupon and I figured, why not? I had high hopes because this is more of a firm, cream type product.
    Let me tell ya, the texture of this is amazing! I applies like, well - a dream! I am IN LOVE. I've been using this for almost 3 weeks now, and no breakouts. It has great coverage, and blends wonderfully. It comes with a sponge, but I apply it with a foundation brush. (I always think to myself that I'm painting my face haha). I do use the sponge afterwards to make sure everything is smooth and flawless. Next I apply concealer, and top it all off with a light dusting of my MK mineral powder (to set it). My face looks AMAZING! I think I have found my Holy Grail foundation, and couldn't be happier. I truly, truly love this product. It's just so creamy and light feeling. I never look or feel cakey at all.
    This foundation runs about $7, but for as much as I like it I would pay $20 if that's what it cost. I have 3 pictures today. Bare skin, after foundation, and finished product. I did not photoshop these pictures at all, this foundation is just that good. =) 
    Have you tried this product, what do you think? What foundation do you use regularly? If you are stopping by for the first time, leave a comment and let me know you were here =) As always, Happy Beautifying!!

Yes, this is scary LOL. (Bare skin)

After foundation
Finished product. I used no blush, just NYC Sunny bronzer. I also used no eyeliner, just my e.l.f quad in Butternut. I am wearing Essence Waterproof mascara.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Olive" Your Eyes

    First off, I have to say I am a copycat because my friend Kassi used "olive" in a play on words last week. You can check it out HERE (adorbs!) So, sorry Kassi! =)

    Today I am wearing an olive dress and brown riding boots (so cute!), so what a perfect opportunity to bust out my e.l.f "Olive" duo. Olive how it turned out. Ok, I'm done with the olive joke now, I promise ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Fancy?

     So I gave in to temptation last week and spent my entire check on ordering the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. Bad Manda... Bad Manda! Well I don't regret it, so whatevs! lol Needless to say, ever since it came the other day I've been playing with it nonstop. So today, I have a look using the palette (again), but will list cheaper alternatives at the bottom (again). Keep in mind, I am not going to come up with exact dupes, but similar colors. Enjoy!

keep reading below...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Golden Nude


- Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation
- e.l.f Golden Bronzer palette
- NYC Sunny bronzer
- Mauve- pink blush from CS
- Urban Decay Midnight 15 (lid) shimmery nude
- Urban Decay Chase (crease) shimmery gold
- Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner (brown) lower lash line
- Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara
- NYX Thalia lipstick
- e.l.f Fairy lipgloss

Get This Look For Less:
* Covergirl trio in Golden Sunset
* e.l.f Studio blush in Mellow Mauve
* Wet n Wild Retractable Eyeliner in Dark Brown

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I know it's no longer Sunday, but I work on Mondays and don't have time to blog! =) I did a super simple look this Sunday because I wanted to look done, but not put a lot of work into it (that's the point of Sunday right, to rest? lol)

Products Used:
- Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation
- e.l.f Golden bronzer palette (all over the face)
- e.l.f Blush & Bronzer (used both)
- Pinkish champagne color e/s from e.l.f (it's very similar to Sin by UD)
- Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara

That's it! I just used to one eye shadow on the lid, and applied some mascara. I wore the same look today but used a bronze color instead.

Do you do full makeup on the weekends, or less? I usually just go by what I'm doing that day I guess, how about you?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Passion for Purple

I have a serious addiction to purple eye looks. I don't know what my deal is, but I go to purple more than I do brown. It's just my thing I guess. Does anyone else have a certain color that they gravitate more towards?

Please excuse my hair, it was really windy! ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walking the (Blue) Line

I have this awesome blue eyeliner from Urban Decay called Radium. I love the color, but wasn't sure how I was going to wear it. The Naked palette has a beautiful color in it called Gunmetal, and the blue eyeliner really pulls the blue tones out of it. I think it looks awesome together without looking too 80's retro. I used Gunmetal on the lid, and blended the edges and crease with Buck (a matte mid tone brown). I applied the blue eyeliner to the top waterline, and lower lash line. I lined the lower waterline with a black eyeliner, just so it didn't look too funky. I love how it turned out, how about you? Is this something you could see yourself doing with similar colors?

Cheaper alternatives:
NYX Eyeshadow Single in Velvet Suede 
NYX Eyeshadow Single in Brown
NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Electric Blue  
(available at Ulta, cherryculture or beautyjoint)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Look of the Day 10/14/11

Products Used:
-e.l.f duo in Berry Mix (light pink and mid tone purple)
- UD Naked palette (Sin, Hustle & Virgin)
-Black liquid liner
- Black pencil liner
- Black matte eye shadow (top of liner)
- Sephora blush in Abriot Plaiser
- NYC Sunny bronzer
- Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara
- NYC lipstick in Ruby
- Jordana gloss in E-123

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taste the (Crackled) Rainbow

I gotta tell ya.... this took FOREVER to do! lol I have OCD, so of course I had to make everything even and straight, haha!

LA Colors "Shock" (yellow), Pure Ice "Wild Thing" (green), and an old NYC orange that has no name. Topped with Sinful Colors black crackle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners Travel Set swatches

24/7 Liners Travel Set - Electric ($32 Sephora, Ulta, urbandecay)
This set is all bright colors, plus a black liner. Both sets come with a black, but out of the 2, Perversion is the blackest black. Both Perversion and Junkie are NOT in the permanent line, the other 3 are. I wore the blue (Radium) on my upper waterline the other day, and after 12 hours I had to remove it with eye makeup remover. That's how long lasting these eyeliners are.

24/4 Travel Set - Naked ($32 Sephora, Ulta, urbandecay)
No matter what I did, I could not get the greatest pictures of these. I apologize, because these browns are GORGEOUS! Stray Dog and Demolition are not in the permanent line, the other 3 are. Stray Dog and Underground are my favorites from this set.

Ugghhhh! I hate that I could not get these to photograph as good as the others. The Naked set is the one I was (and still am) most excited about. I love all these eyeliners and have tried every one of them out. The teal (Junkie) is soooo unbelievably pretty.

 Happy beautifying bloggers!

Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Palette ($50, Sephora, Ulta, urbandecay)

This palette contains 12 colors. It also comes with a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion, and a Urban Decay Good Karma eye shadow brush.
direct sunlight

L-R: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep & Gunmetal

non-direct sunlight

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Top 10 e.l.f Products

These are my favorites out of products I own. What are your e.l.f favorites?
(all images from e.l.f)

10) Lipstick in "Classy" - $1

9) Hypershine lipgloss in "Fairy" - $1

8) Beauty School palette Vol. 1  - $5

7) Brightening eye color quad in "Butternut" - $1

6) Total Face brush - $1

5) Studio blush in "Tickled Pink" - $3

4) Eye Shadow brush - $1

3) Tinted moisturizer - $3

2) Concealer brush - $1

1) Golden Bronzer - $3

Neutral Eyes with a POP!

Teal Eyeliner:
1) Apply white shade from Revlon creme quad "Seashells" as base.
2) Apply CG Tapestry Taupe all over lid. Blend it up into, and slightly above the crease.
3) Using the lightest shade from the e.l.f Butternut quad, I applied my brow highlight.
4) Line upper and lower lash lines with a teal, or green, eyeliner. Using an angles brush, smudge top liner out into a cat eye shape. I used Urban Decay 24/7 in Junkie.
5) Curl lashes, apply mascara. I used CG Lash Blast.

My Naked Palette Go-To Look

I love, love, love my Urban Decay Naked palette! On those days when I just don't feel like being creative with my makeup, I grab for this palette and this is what I wear.

1) Urban Decay Primer Potion as primer/ base. (This comes with the palette)
2) Using a patting motion, place Sidecar (shimmery pink) on outer half of the lid, sweep up into the crease.
3) Using a patting motion again, apply Sin (shimmery champagne pink) on inner half of lid, and into tear duct area. 
4) Blend the color Toasted (darkened shimmery pink) into the crease.
5) Line the lower waterline with a black eyeliner
6) Line upper and lower lash lines using Hustle (shimmery deep plum) and an angled, or detail brush.
7) Curl lashes, apply mascara. I used CG Lash Blast

On the rest of my face in this picture I am wearing Milani "Luminoso" blush, and Rimmel "Airy Fairy" lipstick.

This is such a quick and easy look to pull together. All the colors compliment each other so well, it doesn't even take any thought ;)

Happy Beautifying!

* I am wearing a hot pink clip-in extension I purchased at Sally's for $3.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nails This Week

Here are a couple nail looks I've done this week. The first is the Sinful Colors "Ciao Bella!" I mentioned in my nail polish haul blog. It's super pretty, but it's very sheer. I used 3 heavy coats to make it opaque. Hubby liked it though =)

The second is NYC New York Minute in "Times Square" topped with L.A Girl Pink Crackle. It's kind of ugly, but I like things like that LOL.

What are you sporting this week?

Thoughts on New Fall Launches pt. 2

Mariposa palette - $39
  This palette comes with 10 eye shadows and a travel size eye shadow brush. The package is actually quite small; each eye shadow is .03 oz. The case itself is a little tin with the product nestled inside. The eye shadows are in a cardboard tray, which is kinda chintzy. A lot of these colors are re- promotes. I know for sure that you can find Skimp, Haight, & Gunmetal in other palettes. I think if you are going to spend $39 on an UD palette, you might as well spend $9 extra and just get the Naked palette. This too is a pass for me.

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 - $20
  Basically what this product is, is a pressed mineral form of the bareMinerals eye shadows. Each compact has 2 coordinating colors and a sponge tip applicator. Each color is about the size of a nickle, if that.... FOR $20! That is ridiculous! I don't care if this was the greatest thing on Earth, that is way too much money. A single Cover Girl eye shadow has at least 3 times more product, for only $3-$4. bareMinerals also has a quad, called the READY Eyeshadow 4.0, which is $30. Still too much money in my opinion. Oh, I forgot, you can get the complete collection of 15 duos for only $420. My heart murmured a little typing that...

BOTTOM LINE IS:  Most of these palettes don't seem worth it to me. I know this is only a few of the new products coming out, but these are the ones I've personally looked at and can make an educated judgment about. I don't want others to feel like they NEED something, when it's just not worth the hype. I hate buying things and regretting it, and I wouldn't want anyone else to make a regret purchase. Having said that, that DOES NOT mean that you absolutely shouldn't buy things that I don't care for. Makeup is subjective, as are my opinions. I personally feel that if you want a high end palette, go for the Urban Decay Naked palette. It IS worth all the hype. It has 12 eye shadows in it, an eyelid primer, and a full size eye shadow brush. The casing is beautiful, and every color is wearable.

I hope this is helpful to someone, Happy Beautifying!

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