Saturday, July 27, 2013

Looks I've Done for my Sister

      I realize I am way overdue in posting these, so I cannot possibly remember everything I used in either look, but I remember the basics. The first look is one I did for her Junior Prom, and the second was a practice for her senior pictures (we kept everything the same for the pictures). I mostly just wanted to post these to showcase my work, and to show you how beautiful my baby sister is :-) She is my Boo-ski, and I just love her! 

For this look, I remember using:
Revlon Colorstay foundation
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette:
a combination of Snakebite, Suspect, Tease and Foxy
a purple liner and shadow for the lower lash line
NYC Sunny bronzer
L'Oreal Innocent Flush blush (possibly)
No idea what the lip is lol

      For the hair, I curled it with a 1" curling iron. Teased the top crown section, and pulled it into a low side pony. I left the front curls out and pinned back the bangs.

For this look I remember using:
Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation
Hard Candy Glamoflague concealer
NYC Sunny bronzer
CoverGirl blush in Pretty Peach
possibly and Physicians Formula highlighter
NYX Runway palette for Green Eyes
(I will mark the colors used in a photo below)
Jordana Fabuliner in Brown
Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara

For the hair, I curled it all over with a 3/4" clip-less curling iron by Remington.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Nail Polish Swatches

      I found these polishes at one of my local Rite Aid stores. This was on Thursday, and they were on sale for $0.69 instead of the regular $0.99. As this was last week, I'm sure the sale is over now. However, $1 is really nothing to pay for a polish anyway lol. There are 2 other colors I did not pick up; one being an orange shade and the other white. 

      Formula is the same on all of these polishes, except the green. The green is a bit more sheer/jelly like while the others are opaque creams. All swatches are 2 coats, except the green which is 3. I use NYC In a New York Minute topcoat. 

Teal Slowly and See
Stand the Test of Lime
Who is Ultra Violet?
Listening to Blue Reed

I give all four of these polishes an:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swatch & Quick Review: Revlon Colorstay quad "Delightful"

   Here is another "gem" I found on clearance at my local Meijer. I use the term "gem" lightly, and sarcastically in this situation. This particular quad is being discontinued from the line, so if you happen to be interested in it, I'd get it while you can. As you can see I only paid $3.49 for this quad. There were a few other ones on clearance also, but I didn't pay attention to exactly which ones. 

     In a nutshell: This quad looks beautiful in the pan and when swatched. It's a nice neutral quad, with a subtly pop of peach. That being said: the color does not transfer to the eyelid AT ALL. It boggles my mind how this swatch so beautifully on my hand, but when applied to the eye - nothing. I tried a brush and the sponge tip applicator also. Still - nothing. Such a shame considering how pretty it looks. If you are looking for a sheer, subtle eye look, this is your man (or girl, which ever you prefer). If you are looking for pigmentation, save your hard earned cash. All the other Colorstay quads get rave reviews, and I see now why this one is being discontinued. 

Left to right: white/ cream matte shade. Soft peach/pink satin shade. Yellowy tan satin shade. Chocolate brown demi matte shade.

What are your experiences with the Colorstay quads? Did I just pick a bad one or what??

I give this quad:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 10 Drugstore Lipsticks!!

Essence - Creamy Nude
ELF Matte Lip Color - Natural
Rimmel - Airy Fairy
L'Oreal Balm - Laze in the Maze
L'Oreal Balm - Caring Coral

same order as listed above

Wet n Wild MegaLast - Just Peachy
Wet n Wild MegaLast - Dollhouse Pink
Revlon Lip Butter - Sugar Plum
Maybelline Vivid - Hot Plum
Maybelline Vivid - Brazen Berry

same order as listed above

You can watch my video here:

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow Trios

     Oh-Em-Gee!!! I have been SUPER pumped about this limited edition collection ever since I first heard about it! Yes it's all crazy ass colors, which I don't typically wear on a day to day basis, BUT it's new Wet n Wild!! I absolutely love, love, love Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadows. The are pretty much the biz-naz if you know what I'm saying ;)

     This collection of trios actually includes 6 new trios, but I was only interested in 5 of them. The other one consists of white, red and black and I wasn't feeling it. This collection also includes 6 new Wild Shine polishes, of which I purchased 4. (That's a whole 'nother post). The most exciting thing to me about this collection is the fact the most of these shadows are MATTE. The regular Color Icon line is seriously lacking in the matte department, so it's nice to see Wet n Wild go that route.

I will have close up shots and swatches after the jump, so keep reading!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Look: Guru Inspiration - Leighann Says

I watched this awesome eye tutorial by Leighann Says on youtube the other day. She did a fun summer look incorporating orange, and I thought that would be fun to try out. Do you ever recreate a look you see on youtube? How often? I find myself doing it a lot, it's always really fun to play around and see if I can make my makeup look half as good as theirs lol. I will link Leighann's video below if you want to see exactly how to accomplish this look. :)

Wet n Wild Coverall foundation
Mary Kay mineral powder (t zone)
Maybelline Dream Matte powder (under eyes)
LA Colors concealer
NYC Sunny bronzer
NYX blush - Summer Peach
NYX eyeshadow - Sahara (highlight)

Maybelline Bold Gold color tattoo
theBalm Meet Matte Nude palette:
white + yellow: inner lid & brow highlight
Matte Singh (peachy shade) : crease
Wet n Wild Fergie "Desert Festival" palette:
orange: outer half of lid
dark brown + orange: darken crease
Essence liner - Bling Bling (lower lash line)
dark brown shade to blend that out
Almay Get Up & Grow mascara

L'Oreal Balm - Laze in the Maze

Leighann's video:

Top 10 Drugstore Eyeshadow Singles!!

Wet n Wild - Brulee'
Maybelline - Cinnamon Spice
L'Oreal Infallible - Amber Rush
Ulta - Bermuda Sand
Wet n Wild - Penny

in order listed above

Wet n Wild - Nutty
NYX - Sahara
NYX Roll on Shimmer - Salmon
ELF Baked Shadow - Bark
Essence - Metropolitan

in order listed above. Essence on bottom.

You can watch my video here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swatch & Quick Review: Maybelline 'Caffeine Rush' palette

     If you are interested in this little palette, I highly suggest picking it up VERY soon. I don't know if these are being repackaged, or discontinued, but they are being clearanced out everywhere. I found mine at my local Meijer, and as you can see I paid $4.74  for it. 

    In a nutshell, I find these Maybelline EyeStudio palettes to be very buttery, pigmented and easy to blend. I highly recommend these little palettes if you can still get your hands on them. I also have the purple one in Amethyst Ablazed, which I can also swatch for you all. If you are a neutral lover (who isn't, who am I kidding? lol) I'd jump on this one before it's gone.

     On the top of the palette you have a very shimmery "top coat" if you will. This just adds a sheer wash of sparkle over any color you choose. Next we have a nice deep chocolate brown shade. On the left middle is a satin finish tan shade. Right middle is a standard brown/taupe color. The bottom shade is a creamy shade with a satin/ frost finish.

Do you have this palette, love it? Hate it? 

I give this palette:

I used this in a video that you can watch here:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Review: Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream


  Ok guys, I received the Olay BB Cream in my Influenster box, and now I'm gonna give you a quick post of my thoughts on it.

First of all, what is it?

According to Olay: Models get airbrushed. We get Olay BB Cream, with 24 - hour hydration and a splash of sheer color for a flawless radiant look. Say bye bye to blotches and imperfection, and hello to instant skin-perfecting coverage.

Olay boats "6 Skin Perfecting Benefits":
Evens Tone

According to Me: First of all, "Models get airbrushed, we get Olay BB Cream". Wtf is that? Yes this says you get a splash of sheer color, and that's basically all you get; a splash of a tiny bit of color. How is that going to give you "skin-perfecting color"? Basically this is a lotion with some SPF in it. That's the bottom line. This has no coverage, and it just made me look shiny. Granted, American drugstore BB creams have nothing on the Asian ones, that's a given. However, at least I can get away with just wearing the Garnier or Rimmel BB Creams without having to put foundation on also. You can check out my Before & After for yourself and see if you notice any difference. If anything, my skin does look a little brighter, and hydrated.

If you are curios about purchasing this product, or would like more information, you can check out  or you can find it on

You can see my first impression and a demo of this product in my video below.

*I must tell you again (due to regulations and whatnot) I did receive this product complimentary from Influenster. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Look: Getting Some Color


I have not posted a look in quite a while, and honestly it's because I basically look the same every single day and it's BORING. I hate getting stuck in a rut where I just wear brown day in and day out. How blah! It's summertime, I need some color on this face of mine! :)

     In case you do not follow me on YouTube, you may not know I am doing Beauty on a Budget July, so I am using all drugstore, affordable products this month. I miss my drugstore products, and haven't been showing them much love lately. 

L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation
LA Colors concealer
Mary Kay mineral powder
NYC Sunny bronzer
Milani Corallina blush
Physicians Formula highlighter
Maybelline Define a Brow pencil

NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
Wet n Wild trio in I'm Feeling Retro:
white on lid and brow
purple in crease
Milani liquid liner
LA Colors Double Volume mascara

Maybelline Baby Lips in Melon Mania

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