Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Top 5 Eye Shadows

The 2 middle colors are not showing up well, sorry!

From L to R:
Cover Girl "Tapestry Taupe"      $3.20
Mary Kay "Crystalline"      $6.50
Ulta "Aztec Gold"      $7
Ulta "Papparazi"      $7
Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells" trio -eyelid shade     $2.99

What are your favorite eye shadow shades?

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Top 5 Lip Colors

From L to R:
Ulta "Bare Shimmer" lip stick    $8 (discontinued)
NYC "Cafe" lipstick     99 cents
Sephora "Litchi Shine" lip gloss      $3
Jordana "E-123" lip gloss     $1.89
Milani "Summer Baby" lip gloss     $4.19

What do you like to rock on your lips?

**Note: I did not pay $8 for a lip stick, I got that for free =)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Favorites!

top to bottom, L to R:

~ TreSemme Tres Two hairspray. $2.97. This stuff is AWESOME, and it smells great!
~ Clean and Clear Foaming Facial cleanser. $3.47. Gets all the makeup off wonderfully.
~ Equate (Walmart) Blackhead Scrub. $2.97. This is really nice, the "scrub" is not harsh at all.
~ CoverGirl "Tapestry Taupe" eye shadow. $3.20. You know this would make it, I use it in every blog lol
~ NYX "Pinched" blush. $5.99. OMG, I die for this blush! It's amazing, and it's also a dupe for the NARS "Orgasm" which costs $27. Double win =)
~ Essence eyeliner marker. $2.49. This works awesome, and the pen form is way easier than the brush
~ Essence Multi-Action False Lash Mascara. $3.49. I love my Lash Blast, but this stuff is amazing!!
~ Fluffy eye shadow/crease brush. $2.97 (for a 2 pack!) I forgot the brand, but this brush is SO soft!
~ Wet N Wild purple eyeliner. $ .69- $ .99  I've been loving me some purple eyes lately haha
~ NYC "Sunny" bronzer. $2.99. BEST PRODUCT EVER. This will probably be on my monthly fave every time because I use this every single day. Best matte bronzer out there in my opinion.

Close up of brush, eyeliner, and "Pinched" blush

     Those are my most used things this month. I'm obviously excited about them because I used the word "awesome" a lot, and lots of these: !!!!!!!!   hehe
     I hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful August. Happy beautifying!!

Purple Eyes

Products Used:
* e.l.f tinted moisturizer "Nude"
* Sephora mineral powder "Med 25"
* e.l.f eyelid primer
* Ulta "Paparazzi" e/s
* Ulta "Bloom" e/s
* e.l.f "Butternut" quad (lightest shade for highlight)
* CG "Tapestry Taupe"
* WnW "Purple" eyeliner pencil
* WnW "Charcoal" eyeliner pencil
* Ulta Lash Blow Out mascara
* NYC "Sunny" bronzer
* Sephora "Peche Tendre" blush
* Jordana "Pink Lemonade" lip gloss

1) Daily foundation routine (my tinted moisturizer, powder, etc)
2) Prime your lids for the shadow. Use a cream eye shadow, or eyelid primer, whatever you prefer
3) Run your purple eyeliner all over your lid, blending it in well. This gives you a nice purple base to build from
4) Using the darker purple, pat the color onto the outer half of your lid
5) Pat the lighter purple onto the inner half of your lid
6) Using the windshield wiper motion, put the taupe color into your crease and slightly above. This helps tone down any craziness from the purple and keeps it a little classy in my opinion.
7) Pop your brow highlight on, and blend it down into your crease shade a little.
8) Line the outer half of your upper lid with the purple liner, and also the outer half of your lower lash line.
9) Using the same dark purple shadow as before, smudge it onto the liner (top and bottom) to really bring out the color, and also to set your liner.
10) Line your bottom water line with the charcoal liner, curl your lashes and add mascara
11) Bronzer and blush time girls! =)
12) Pop that lip gloss on and you are good to go!

Happy beautifying!!

Wet n Wild Mac Dupes pt. 2

     Here's "Part 2" of the Wet n Wild/MAC dupes list. I have even more dupes (duplicates), but they are other brands, and I'm sticking to Wet n Wild for this one. Enjoy!

Color Icon single "Brulee"
Color Icon single "Envy"

<--MAC dupe: "Brulee"

-->MAC dupe: "Humid"

Color Icon trio: "I'm Feeling Retro"
Color Icon trio: "I Dream of Greenie"

Color Icon trio: "I've Got Good Jeans"

Color Icon trio: "Walking on Eggshells"
Color Icon trio: "Silent Treatment"

(in order from top color to bottom color in palette)
I'm Feeling Retro: "Crystal Avalanche", "Odalisque" (Peacocky collec.), "Creme de Violet"
I Dream of Greenie: no top match, "Swimming", "Bitten"
I've Got Good Jeans: no top match, "Dandizette", "Gold Mine" (both from Metal Mega collec.)
Walking on Eggshells: "Shroom", "Cork", "Naked Lunch"
Silent Treatment: "Jest", "Center Stage" (Metal Mega collec.) "Honesty"

     Does anyone have any of these trios? I have the "Walking on Eggshells" (I LOVE it!) and also the "Silent Treatment. They are $2.99 per trio, and one MAC shadow is $14.50. Hmmm.... I wonder what the better bargain is? ;)

Happy beautifying! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Where to buy...

Wet n Wild:  Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, pretty much anywhere
NYX: Ulta, (cheapest),
NYC: Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc
e.l.f: Target,
Milani: CVS, Kmart, Meijer,
Jordana: Kmart, Meijer,
Coastal Scents:
BH Cosmetics:
Revlon, Rimmel, Covergirl, Maybelline: available everywhere

Higher end brands:

Too Faced, Bare Escentuals, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Urban Decay, Lorac: Available at Sephora and at Ulta.
Kat Von D, NARS, Makeup Forever: Available only at Sephora
MAC, Estee Lauder: Macy's

Look of the Day 8/26/11

Products used:
* e.l.f tinted moisturizer "Nude"
* Sephora mineral powder in Med 25
* e.l.f eyelid primer
* NYC "Sunny" bronzer
* Wet n Wild trio "Walking on Eggshells"
* NYX "Pinched" blush
* Sephora eyebrow pencil "Khaki"
* Sephora "Rosy Glow" lip gloss
* Ulta kohl eyeliner "Brown"
* CG Lash Blast mascara
* Wet n Wild "Pink Ice" lip stick

Sorry about this hideous picture lol

1) Tinted moisturizer (with a foundation brush, or your fingers), top with the foundation powder
2) Prime eyelids
3) Bronzer on contours of cheeks, blush on the apples
4) Use the trio exactly how it is marked (eyelid, crease, browbone..) Blend out all your hard edges
5) I have to fill in my brows, due  to over plucking (oops!) If you don't have this problem, skip this step
6) Line top and bottom waterlines with the eyeliner. Line top lid, very close to lashes. Top with brown eye shadow if you want the liner to last
7) Curl lashes, add mascara.
8) Apply your lipstick, and top with the gloss

Happy beautifying!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet n Wild Mac Dupes pt. 1

     Ok, so this blog has been many days in the making. Tons of research (checking videos, blogs, swatches galore!) This is only part 1 because there are still a lot of dupes that I am looking into. As many of you makeup gals know, MAC is the brand to have! Who can afford it though? I mean $14.50 for one eye shadow, or lip gloss??? Craziness! (Of course I still covet a few, hehe!) Here is what I have so far, and all are Wet n Wild palettes. Wet n Wild can be purchased pretty much anywhere. The Color Icon palettes (6 shades) are $4.99. It's a steal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Cocktail Ring

I had to post a pic of this ring I picked up. There is a store in the Franklin Park Mall called "Glitter". It is right next to Macy's. All of their jewelry is only $1!!! I thought this was too cute =)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look of the Day 8/18/11

* Eye primer
Essence eyeliner marker 
* Essence Multi Action False Lash mascara
* Ulta "Suede" e/s  (medium frost brown)
* Ulta "Gold Leaf" e/s (light frost brown)
* Ulta "Silk" e/s (frost cream)
*NYC "Sunny" bronzer
* NYX "Pinched" blush (shimmer pink/peach)
* Ulta "Buff Shimmer" lipstick
*White eyeliner pencil

1) Prime lids
2) "Gold Leaf" on lids, "Suede" in crease. Blended well.
3) "Silk" as brow highlight
4) Eyeliner marker to top lash line, white pencil liner on bottom water line
5) Curl lashes, add mascara
6) Bronzer on cheekbones, temples, jawline. Blush on apples of cheeks
7) Finish with the lipstick

*Earrings are from the store "Glitter" in the mall, next to Macy's $1

Happy beautifying!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mani: Wet n Wild 'Blazed'

3 coats of Wet n Wild (Wild Shine) in Blazed. Accent finger topped with 1 coat of Ulta Princess.

Look of the Day 8/17/11

Products Used:
- Barescentuals pink/gold creme shadow
- Eyelid primer
- Ulta "Naked" e/s (cream)
- Ulta "Suede" e/s (frosted gold/brown)
- Ulta "Paparazzi" e/s (bright purple)
- NYX "Pinched" blush (shimmer peachy pink)
- NYC "Sunny" bronzer
Essentials eyeliner marker pen
- Essentials Multi Action False Lash mascara
- Wet n Wild "Purple" eyeliner pencil
-Wet n Wild "Pink Ice" lipstick

1) Prime lids
2) Blend creme e/s from lids to crease
3) "Suede" e/s on crease
4) "Naked" e/s on the brow bone, blended down into the crease to soften
5) "Naked" e/s on lid
6) Purple eyeliner from middle of lid out to the outer corner. Small wing on the end. Also outer 1/3 of lower lashes
7) "Paparazzi" over the purple liner to set it
8) Eyeliner marker in a THIN line on inner half of upper lid
9) Curl lashes, add mascara
10) Bronzer on cheek contours, blush on apples
11) Pink lipstick on lips (duh!)  =)

Happy beautifying!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Makeup Must-Haves

    No matter if you have a big collection, a small collection, no collection, you're a makeup pro or just starting, there are certain things you need to have. This is my list of absolute must haves, and everything is $6 or less, most being only $1. First is the list, and then a list of my ideas. Enjoy!

1) Brown eye shadow  (brown is a neutral and works on every eye color)
2) Brown eyeliner pencil   (better for daytime)
3) Black eyeliner pencil   (better for nighttime)
4) Nude lipstick   (great for anytime, or any look)
5) Light pink lip gloss   (great on it's own for a pop of color, or good over the lipstick)
6) Mascara    
7) Bronzer    (great for color on the face, or contouring the cheeks)
8) Peach blush   (a nice light color, for flushed cheeks - great for any look)
9) Pencil sharpener (for those eyeliners)
10) Eyelash curler
11) Blush brush
12) Eye shadow brush
13) Face brush (for foundation, or blending out your blush and bronzer)
14) Concealer  (for blemishes and under eye circles)

**NOTE: e.l.f products are sold at Target and at

2 & 3) NYC Dual Ended Eye Liner in "Rich Girl" $1.99

1) CoverGirl "Tapestry Taupe" $3.20

11) e.l.f Blush Brush $1

4) NYC Lipstick in "Cafe"  99 cents

14) e.l.f Concealer Stick in "Light" $1

10) e.l.f  Eyelash Curler $1

13) e.l.f All Over Face Brush $1

8) e.l.f  Blush in "Glow" $1

6) CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara $5.97

5) e.l.f Super Glossy Lip Gloss in "Pink Kiss" $1

9) e.l.f Dual Pencil Sharpener $1

7) NYC Bronzer in "Sunny" $2.99
12) e.l.f Eye Shadow Brush $1

    Happy beautifying!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smokey Neutral Look

Products Used:
- Medium shimmery goldish brown e/s
- Medium matte brown e/s
- Light colored shimmery e/s
- Dark grey or black e/s
- Brown and Black eyeliner pencils
- Eyelid primer
- Mascara
- Darker peach/ apricot blush
- Bronzer
- Nude lipstick and lip gloss

1) Apply eye primer all over, lashes to brow. 
2) Apply shimmery brown shade to the lid. Pat it on, we want a lot of color. 
3) Sweep matte brown onto crease and above, almost to brow bone but not quite. Don't blend it into your crease color.
4) Pop the light shimmery color onto the brow bone for a highlight. Blend crease color out with it also. We want it all uniform with no lines, and feathery looking. Stamp a small amount into the inner tear duct area.
5) Using the small eyeliner brush, apply the grey or black ONLY in the outer V area. This should be very light and feathery, but still give it a little dimension and smokiness. 
6) Apply black eyeliner to upper lid. Top with the black shadow for staying power. Smudge it out a little with the shadow also, we are going for a little bit of a smokey eye. 
7) Apply brown eyeliner to lower lashes. Connect with the black liner, but don't mix the 2 together. Top this with the matte brown shadow and smudge it out a little. Line your water line. 
8) Curl lashes, apply mascara.
9) To finish the face, apply your bronzer. (Temples, cheekbones, jawline). Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. 
10)To sort of tone down the drama, use a nude lipstick. I like "In The Buff" by L'Oreal. Top with a nude gloss, I like "Litchi Shine" by Sephora. 

*** The Urban Decay Naked Palette would be great for this look. I don't own this, but if you do, I'm jealous! =)

Happy beautifying!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Favorite Scents!

     These are my fave smells of the moment. This list includes perfumes, body sprays, shower gel and lotions. What are some of your favorite scents?

     Bath and Body Works "Black Amethyst" shower gel. I LOVE this in the lotion too. My #1 BBW scent of all time.

     Bath and Body Works "Secret Wonderland" lotion. I can't really describe the smell of this, but it's kind of sweet.

Bath and Body Works "Moonlight Path" body spray.

      Victoria's Secret "Pink with a Splash- Bold and Playful". I'm not sure if they still sell this particular one. I received it as a gift for Christmas and I LOVE it! It's such a fun and flirty smell.

     Victoria's Secret "Dream Angels- Heavenly". This is actually the first perfume I really got into. It's kind of a classic I guess, always a good one to have around.

     Last but not least, Jennifer Lopez "My Glow". I received this for Christmas also. This is a really nice perfume, a nice light scent. Not overpowering at all.

Look of the Day 8/13/11

     I used a turquoise eyeliner for this because I have brown eyes. Teals and purples help brown eyes stand out more. Choose a color that works for your eye color. I have to thank "Makeup Geek" for this idea =)

     Turquoise eyes - Products used:
- Wet n Wild Idol Eyes pencil in "Pixi"
- CG "Tapestry Taupe" e/s
- Wet n Wild kohl eyeliner in "Turquoise"
- Kleancolor Shimmery Palette (turquoise color)
- Wet n Wild eyeliner in "Black"
- CG Lash Blast mascara
- NYC bronzer in "Sunny"
- Sephora "Abricot" blush
- Wet n Wild MegaGlo highlighting powder
- Wet n Wild "Pink Ice" lipstick
- Ulta Super Shiny lip gloss (I don't know the color name, see picture)

1) Apply "Pixi" on lid and blend well with your ring finger.
2) Sweep "Tapestry Taupe" onto crease. We didn't use an eye primer/ base today because we are keeping our eye shadow light. This look is all about the eyeliner.
3) Take your teal eyeliner and start about where your pupil is, in the middle of your lid. Draw your line out towards your outer corner, making it thicker as you go. We are going to make a large wing at the end. When you are done it should look like a wedge on the outer half of your lid.
4) Next take a similar color of eye shadow and top your eyeliner. This helps set the liner and up it's staying power. I chose the teal color in an old palette I ordered from
5) Line your lower water line with the black eyeliner.
6) Curl your lashes, add mascara.
7) Bronzer application is up to your discretion. If you want a more dramatic look, do the "3" application. If you want it more natural, only do the contours of your cheeks.
8) Keep your blush a nice flushed color. Apply to the backs of the cheeks, not so much your apples. Basically right above where you just applied your bronzer. Blend it out with a kabuki brush (A big fluffy face brush)
9) i added a little sparkle with illuminating powder. This is optional.
10) Finish the look with a nice pink lip, and top with a coordinating gloss.

     Quick and easy with a little flair =) Happy beautifying!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Swatchfest: Wet n Wild 'Sunny Side Up'

Wet n Wild -Wild Shine in "Sunny Side Up". I'm not going to lie, this is like 3 coats. Totally cool color though! You can't beat it at only 93 cents! 

Happy Beautifying!!

40+ Girls

     I created this look on my mom. I realize that not all of my readers are in their 20's. Some are younger, some are older. With this look, and my previous teenage look, I'm trying to branch out and have something for everyone. Due to lighting, I couldn't get the best pics, and I apologize.

CG "Tapestry Taupe"

Products Used:
- Mary Kay mineral foundation
- Covergirl "Tapestry Taupe" e/s (CREASE)
- Ulta "Blank Ink" e/s (OUTER V AREA)
- Ulta "Polished" e/s (LID)
- LA Colors liquid liner in Brown (TOP LASHES)
- Ulta "Deep Brown" pencil (BOTTOM LASHES)
- CG Lash Blast Mascara
- NYC "Sunny" bronzer (CHEEKBONES ONLY)
- Ulta "Fame" blush (APPLES)
- Wet n Wild MegaGlo Illuminator (HIGHLIGHT)
- NYC "Rose Gold" lipstick

     This is a basic look, you can look back at older posts to see exactly how to create this look if you need to. I am not going to give a run through as I posted what color goes where. I hope you will try it out, remember that every woman is beautiful at every age =) Happy beautifying bloggers!!

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