Makeup 101

Q & A
1) What is an eyelid primer?
    An eyelid primer is a base you put on before applying your eye shadow. There are actual eyelid primers out there, but you could also use a cream eye shadow as well, or even concealer if you wish. The primer helps keep your eye shadow in place. It also makes the color more vibrant, and prevents it from creasing throughout the day.
* e.l.f eyelid primer $1
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance $18
* Urban Decay Primer Potion $19 
* MAC paint pot $17
* Revlon creme shadow quads $5

2) What is a concealer? 
    Seems basic, but maybe not for everyone. A concealer helps cover blemishes, spots, and under eye circles. Use it after liquid foundation, but before powder. Some concealers come in a tube, like lip stick. Some come in liquid form. It's all about preference and what works for you.
* Hard Candy "Glamoflage" $6 (only at Walmart)
* Wet n Wild concealer stick $2
* Rimmel Match Perfection $5
* Revlon Photoready concealer $8 or $9

3) Liquid foundation, or powder?
    It is up to you. If you use a liquid foundation, I suggest also using a loose powder over top to set the foundation, and to keep you from looking oily later in the day. If you prefer a pressed powder compact, that works fine on it's own.
* Rimmel 100% Clean liquid foundation $4
* NYC loose powder $3
* Cover Girl compacts $5

4) What's the difference between a lip stick and a gloss?
    Lipstick is usually more pigmented and more dense than a lip gloss. Not always matte, but more so than gloss. Lip gloss helps enhance the lipstick you are wearing, and gives it a more "hydrated" look, I guess you could say.

5) Matte, frost, shimmer... what?!?
    This is referring to the texture or finish of the product. A matte eye shadow, or blush, has no sparkle, no glitter. It's just a plain powder finish. Frost would be between a matte and a shimmer. Not quite plain, but not glittery looking either. Shimmer finishes tend to be very sparkly and glittery. Eye catching would be a good word to use.

6) Liquid eyeliner, or pencil?
    I say both! Each type gives you a different feel to your eye look. I wouldn't recommend a liquid liner on the lower lashes (maybe it's just me), so you could use both at once. Use a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, especially if you are new to liquid. It gives a more controlled application. remember to set your liner with a corresponding eye shadow to make it last all day =)
* NYC pencil liners $2
* Essence eyeliner marker $2.50 (at Ulta)
* L'Oreal Liner Intence Carbon Black $8

7) Eye shadow, or blush first?
   It depends. If you have no clear idea in mind for an eye shadow look, apply blush first and go from there. Makeup application is mostly about preference.

8) Do I curl my lashes BEFORE or AFTER mascara?
    Always before!!! If you curl your lashes after applying mascara, not only will you gunk up your curler, you will pull out your eyelashes. Painful! ( Not cute either....)

9) I over plucked, now what??
    I have this problem. (Oopsie!) Use a matching eye shadow to fill in your brows. Use small strokes to make it look more natural. There are also eyebrow kits out there designed for this.
* NYC eye brow kit $3
* Revlon Define-a-Brow pen duo $7 or $8
* Anastasia eye brow kit $45 (WOW!)

10) Do I absolutely NEED eye shadow brushes?
    No, you do not. You can use the little sponges that come packaged with the eye shadow. You can use q-tips, you can use your fingers. I prefer brushes because it gives me a little bit of diversity in my look, and I find them easiest to use. You don't need expensive brushes if you decide to go the brush route. You could buy a set of paint brushes, and they are the SAME.
* e.l.f brushes $1 each
* Revlon brushes $3-$7 each
* MAC brushes are around $22 each


Many of you maybe wonder what I mean when I say "outer V area", or above the crease". I thought I would make it easy and just show you exactly where everything is, so no more guessing! =)

1) Brow bone (brow highlight area)
2) Crease
3) Lid
4) Outer V
5) Inner tear duct
6) Top lash line
7) Lower waterline
8) Lower lash line


Blue Eyes: taupe, deep blue, gray, violet, purple, peach tones, silver and browns. If you have blonde hair also: lavender, lilac and violet.

Brown Eyes: most colors work on brown eyes (lucky me! hehe). Any brown, gold, violet, deep or bright purple, teal, turquoise, and olive green.

Green Eyes: plum, purple, violet, champagne, deep brown, sage green, deep green.

Hazel Eyes: rosy (dusty) pink, med tone browns, champagne, soft teal, yellow toned gold, cranberry.


I hope this answered some questions you may have had, or you got some tips. Happy beautifying!
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