Wednesday, August 28, 2013

*GIVEAWAY* : Diamond Candles

   I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Diamond Candles wondering if I'd like to host a giveaway so one of you guys can try out their AWESOME candles. I of course said yes, because I knew you all would like that!

     If you've never heard of Diamond Candles, and don't know what they are about, I'll fill you in really quick. These candles are 100% pure soy candles. I've read many reviews from customers with asthma saying these candles do not bother them at all (that's a bonus for all of you out there with this problem). These candles are very big, not some skimpy little thing. They come in substantial glass jars.

     Now the totally amazing thing about these candles, is the DIAMONDS. When you get your candle, you will see a gold circle on the inside of the jar. After you burn your candle down enough, you can pull that gold circle out, and inside is a ring. The ring can be valued at anywhere from $10 to $5000! Diamond Candle say that if the band of your ring is stamped with 14K, take it to a jeweler to be appraised. This is no joke, follow Diamond Candle on Pinterest if you want to see the pictures.

    Diamond Candles come in many different scents, so there is bound to be one (or 2, or 5) that you like. They have Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Roll, Coconut, Midnight Kiss and Summer Time just to name a few. Each candle is $24.95 plus $5 shipping. That's a pretty sweet deal, especially if you find a $100+ ring inside ;-) It does take about 2 days to get to the ring itself (just an fyi).

that's the ring in the little gold circle

info on how to remove the ring

I picked the Carnival Candy scent (cotton candy), and it smells absolutely incredible! 
So are you excited about these candles yet?! 
If you'd like to win one for yourself, just enter below!

To enter Click Here

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