Friday, April 26, 2013

Swatchfest: ELF Baked Eyeshadows

         I picked up 2 of these eyeshadows about 2 months ago, and picked up 3 more today. I thought I'd put them all together in one post for anyone who may be curious about them.

        These are newer products from ELF, and can be found at Target or Kmart. (I'm hearing that ELF is now starting to show up in Walgreens also) As these are part of the Studio Line, these retail for $3. Some preform better than others, but all 5 that I own are very pretty. Being baked products, remember you can use them wet or dry. Each swatch shown is dry on the left, wet on the right.


  Pixie is a rosy pink shade that looks gorgeous in the pan. Unfortunately it does not swatch fantastically, and I fear it may not transfer well to the eyelid. 


      Enchanted is a rose gold shade that is again, gorgeous in the pan. This was one of the first 2 shades that I purchased. I have worn this one a few times now, but like Pixie, it doesn't transfer very well. YOu really need to work with it to build it up. 

Burnt Plum

Burnt Plum is, obviously, a darkened red purple. It's absolutely beautiful, and I think will look great on the eyelid. I think this one will look so so pretty on blue eyed girls. 


      Toasted is somewhat similar to Enchanted, but a bit darker and more pigmented. It's a golden bronze shade. I have also worn this one a few times, and it looks gorgeous paired with another deeper gold shade.


      Bark definitely has the best pigmentation of all the shades I own. It is a deep bronze brown. You know I love my browns! This one looks awesome, and I can't wait to wear it!

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