Thursday, February 14, 2013

Swatch & Comparison: Naked Basics

**WARNING: This post is going to be pic heavy, so I will put a jump in the post**

Look what I got for Valentine's Day..... Naked!! :-)
     I have been going back and forth on wether or not I wanted this palette, and now that's it's mine I know I love it! The texture and pigmentation of these shadows are far superior to any other Urban Decay shadows I have. I know they reformulated, but these are even more buttery than the Vice Palette. 

     This palette comes with 6 shades that are just perfect for pairing with any of the Naked palettes, or using it on it's own. 1 shade is a satin finish, and the other 5 are matte. None of the matte shades are powdery or chalky, they are all super smooth. 

Keep reading for more info!

     The packaging is a rubberized plastic, much like that of NARS packaging. I like it, but it will not do well with fingerprints.

     'Foxy' is a shade that can be found in the Naked 2 palette. 'W.O.S (Walk of Shame)' is a shade that came with the original Build Your Own Palette. 'Foxy' is a more yellow toned cream shade, where as 'W.O.S' has more pink undertones.

'Naked 2' is a cool light brown/ tan shade. 'Faint' is a darker, warmer brown. 'Crave' looks black in the pan, but in fact it is not. It is a very deep brown.

Venus - Foxy - Walk of Shame

Naked 2 - Faint - Crave

Now for some comparisons to shades in the other Naked palettes...

     As you can see 'Faint' looks almost cool toned in comparison to the very warm 'Buck'. They are not dupes at all. 

'Naked 2' is a slightly darker, more cool toned version of 'Naked'. These shades are not dupes either.

     'Virgin' is defiantly on the pink side compared to the other shades, where as 'Bootycall' is more yellow champagne colored. 'Venus' is a beige/white shade. None are dupes, but 'Venus' and 'Bootycall' would be the closest to the other.

My 'Blackout' had some shimmer fallout in it from other shades in the Naked 2 palette haha. As you can see 'Blackout' is most defiantly black, and 'Crave' is brown.

What do you think of this palette? Did you get it also? Love it or leave it?

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