Friday, November 8, 2013

Swatches: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

    This morning I was given a $50 gift card to Sephora as an early birthday present. Needless to say, I was pretty fricking excited. So off I headed to the mall, because right now is Sephora VIB and I couldn't pass up that 20%! I really REALLY wanted this palette for my birthday, so I knew that's what I would spend my card on. I also got my birthday freebie, and after taxes I only paid 50 cents!

The packaging is gorg! It's a swirly vortex of purpley goodness. It also has the button on the front which opens it, just like the original Vice palette. Inside the lid is a huge mirror, which is a nice bonus. 

So pretty! I can't wait to play with it tomorrow!!!

Just to save myself from being redundant and saying each shade is "super pigmented, creamy, blah blah blah" I'll just say that now. There are only a few shades that need an extra footnote, which I will include in shade descriptions. Other than that, every shade is AMAZEBALLS.

Smokeout: Blackened brown, with a hint of a plum undertone.
Lovesick: Matte black with silver glitter. **This shade was pretty dry and patchy.
Shellshock: Extreme silver metallic.
Coax: Rosey pink with a satin finish.
X Rated: Baby pink with an almost matte finish.

Prank: Dark, dark navy with a teal shift and teal shimmer. **This shade was the softest and most pigmented. May stain lids.
Madness: Bright, electric blue with a silver reflect sheen.
Strike: Yellowy orange gold with metallic finish.
Stash: Metallic olive green with gold flecks.
Poison: Charcoal blue/black with small silver flecks.

Radar: Medium warm brown with a satin (almost frost) finish.
Damaged: Metallic emerald green.
Voodoo: Metallic blackened purple. Mostly purple, but definitely has some black in it. **Applied a bit patchy.
Betrayal: Lilac purple with a strong blue duo chrome. 
Derailed: Metallic taupe brown.

Dope: Metallic icy pink.
Toxic: Rose gold with a satin finish.
Habit: Matte creamy beige.
Ambush: Deep bronzy brown. Metallic finish.
Rewind: Matte medium cool brown.

Final thoughts:
I could have done without 3 dark black/charcoal colors. One of them, Lovesick, is not very good at all. I think one would have been enough. Of course I will say more matte shades would have been nice, especially a nice warm brown. The 2 pink shades, Coax and  X Rated are similar enough that one is enough. Other than that, I love everything about this palette. The new formula of Urban Decay shadows is beyond fabulous. They are so smooth, apply so nicely, it's wonderful. 

I give this palette:

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