Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To all the husbands, dads and boyfriends out there....

     I know this is a makeup and beauty related blog, but hear me out. Sometimes I just have have things I need to get out, and writing it out and throwing it to the universe just settles my brain. I must preface this by saying a few things: 1) First and foremost I am a wife and mother of 4 little boys. That is my top title in life. 2) No, I am not having issues with my husband lol. It's just something I think any mom and/or wife can relate to. That being said....

Being a stay at home mom does not mean I don't have a job. I do have a job: cook, laundress, chauffeur, coach, referee, maid, and all around jack of all trades. I do not get paid to do any of it. I work from sun up until way after everyone else is sleeping and I don't earn one red cent. I get paid in "thank you", hugs, kisses and little tokens of appreciation. More often than not, I get none of that. The floor does not magically sweep itself. Your dinner does not pop out of the table like on the Jetsons. Your laundry does not just appear in your dresser all folded and fresh. I did that. Me, by myself. 

     I know you go to work, and you clock in your 40 hours a week. I get it, I appreciate it. Your doing that provides our family with the tools it needs to survive. But just know, I make your life work, so you can go to work. I feed you, I wash your nasty work clothes. I pick up and wash the dishes you leave laying around. I dig all of your socks out from under the bed so you can have a fresh clean pair. I make sure your alarm is set and on before I go to sleep every night. I do all of these things and much more, without being asked to because it's my JOB.

    While you are at work clocking those hours, I have: gotten the kids up, fed, dressed and on the school bus. I've probably done one or two loads of laundry. I've vacuumed the house, and washed dishes. I make lunch for the little one, and bake an after school snack for the others. I've probably also done things like scrub the toilet, wipe down the mirrors. Rearrange furniture, wipe out cabinets. I've most likely also cleaned out closets, picked up A LOT of toys. I may have gone to the grocery store. Taken care of the pets, and maybe if I'm really lucky I got to take a shower too.

    After you get home and are lounging on the couch, resting your eyes most likely, I am cooking dinner. I'm also washing dishes yet again. I'm also bathing your children, and getting school clothes ready for the morning. I am taking care of bedtime, which in my house can last up to 4 hours. I am packing lunches, and picking up any last minute things laying around. After all that is finally done, I get to have a little ME time. That's not usually until about 10 or 11 at night. You need to understand that "me" time is vital to our life. Without it, my brain cannot reset itself for the next day, and I cannot possibly be a nice person. If you ask for some special "us" time, and are gently turned down -  do not whine, cry and pout. It is not because I don't love you. I really honestly am tired. Read the above if you can't understand that. Making me feel guilty about it, or pressured into it is just going to make me resent you. 

   In closing dear husbands of the world, we wives love you. We do a lot for you, a lot that most generally go unnoticed. A little appreciation can go a long way in that "special us time" you were really hoping for. 

And ladies, if you can relate to me on this: can I get an "amen!"  :)

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