Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide to Show Your Guy 2012!!

     It's that time of year again... time for me to show you some of the awesome options out there for Christmas. I do this list so you can show your boyfriends/husbands exactly what you'd like (they need specifics girls!), but keep in mind you can also use this list as ideas for people you are shopping for also. Think Mom, Sister, Aunt, BFF, Teacher, etc. 

     There are WAY too many things on this list to have a picture of every single thing. Almost all product descriptions will be clickable links where you can go check it out. This list is composed of both drugstore and higher end products. I try to keep everyone's budget in mind when compiling this list. Also, let me say this: don't ask for mascara or foundation. I don't know why, it just seems too weird and personal to me. Besides, shade matching on ourselves it hard enough, don't even bother trying to have a guy do it LOL. 

Eye Shadows
      I think if you are going to ask for eye shadow, go for a palette. It has more to offer, and there are some great gift-able palettes out there around the holidays. I'll list some basics. These are mostly neutrals, because you can't go wrong there.
Stila Snow Angel. Image: Google

ELF HD Blush. Image: eyeslipsface

Cinderella Moonlit Kiss set. Image: Sephora

Nail Polish:
Ciate Caviar Mini Bar. Image: Sephora

High End Combo Sets:

Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways. Image: Sephora
Skin Care:

Philosophy High Tea Tidings. Image: Sephora


Sephora Fresh Florals. Image: Sephora


ELF Ultimate Gem Brushes. Images: eyeslipsface

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