Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Walgreens Haulage

First of all, excuse my leg in the above picture. I didn't realize it was in there until after I uploaded. Oopsie! I took Cooper to school today, then little man and I headed off to do some shopping. First we went to Target...nothing peaked my interest. Shocker, I know. Next we went to TJMaxx, and although they had some 7 packs of Color Club nail polishes, I didn't buy any. I know, another shocker. So off we headed to Walgreens, with the hope of FINALLY finding the new Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes. I have been every where on the search for these, with no luck. Until today! I knew I should have just went to Walgreens first...

Keep reading for more info on what I bought, and the deals I got!

Let me say that I paid $21.10 for everything I got at Walgreens, and that includes tax. Whoop whoop! The Wet n Wild palettes were BOGO 50%, so I picked up both of the new ones. (There is also an all matte palette, but I got it last year when it was released). The one I was most excited about is called Sparkle 'Til Morning, which is the neutral palette with a pop of teal. The other palette is called Shimmer the Night Away. It is a black and purple palette, with an awesome cobalt blue. I haven't even opened these yet, so I will have swatches in another post.

This is not showing true to color, I got it in direct sunlight, and it made all my neutral pictures look weirdly orange.

I also came across the Profusion 10 palettes that I keep seeing on youtube and the like. Everyone is comparing these palettes to the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. I will have to do some swatching and have a comparison post. Each of these palettes were $4.99, and include an eyeliner. I also saw these same palettes at Big Lots for $4.50, so check there also if you are interested.

Midnight Fever

Sultry & Neutrals (showing a bit more orange than real life)

I also picked up a Revlon Diamond Lust single, which I forgot to take a single picture of. You can see it at the top of this post. It is a glittery blackish gray shade called Night Sky. This was on clearance for $2.69, and I had a $1 off Revlon coupon, making it $1.69. Very pretty in the pan, we'll see how it does performance wise. 

I'll keep you updated on all these products, look forward to swatchfest post soon! Love to all!!

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