Friday, July 19, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow Trios

     Oh-Em-Gee!!! I have been SUPER pumped about this limited edition collection ever since I first heard about it! Yes it's all crazy ass colors, which I don't typically wear on a day to day basis, BUT it's new Wet n Wild!! I absolutely love, love, love Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadows. The are pretty much the biz-naz if you know what I'm saying ;)

     This collection of trios actually includes 6 new trios, but I was only interested in 5 of them. The other one consists of white, red and black and I wasn't feeling it. This collection also includes 6 new Wild Shine polishes, of which I purchased 4. (That's a whole 'nother post). The most exciting thing to me about this collection is the fact the most of these shadows are MATTE. The regular Color Icon line is seriously lacking in the matte department, so it's nice to see Wet n Wild go that route.

I will have close up shots and swatches after the jump, so keep reading!

A Regular at the Factory
Yellow: Slight amount of shimmer, nothing over the top. Barely detectable. Decent color payoff.
Teal: Matte. Great pigmentation, stained my arm.
Orange: Also matte. Good pigmentation.
I give it a 4/5

 Hard Being the It Girl
Pale Pink: Matte. Great pigmentation.
Blue: Matte. Decent pigmentation, a little patchy when applied.
Cream: Matte. This one was super buttery, and when I put the sponge applicator in it, it crumbled. I pressed it back in with my finger. Something to watch out for.
I give it a 4/5

 I'm Seeing Triples!
Lime Green: Matte. Buildable pigmentation. Slightly chalky.
Cobalt Blue: Matte. Most likely will have awesome staying power as it stained the heck out of my arm! Great pigmentation.
Mauvey Pink: Matte. Slightly patchy, decent pigmentation. 
I give it a 5/5

 To Muse and Carouse
Peach: Matte. Very near my skin color, so would be a great brow bone color for fair girls. Great pigmentation.
Brown: Matte. Warm shade of brown. Great color payoff.
Aqua: Matte. Yowza! This one is amaze balls! This too stained my arm. Beautiful color, great pigmentation.
I give this a 5/5. My favorite of the bunch.

 Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
Bright Yellow: Matte. Chalky, and patchy. Really had to build up the swatch.
Purple: Matte. Very lackluster. WnW hasn't been doing very good purples, they always lack pigmentation which is a bummer. Very chalky, poor color payoff.
Pink: Matte. Again, lacking in the pigment department. Also pretty chalky and patchy.
I give this a 2/5

Overall I rate this collection at a

Have you found these shadows yet? Are you as excited as I am about them? They just scream summertime, I love it!!

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