Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swatch & Quick Review: Revlon Colorstay quad "Delightful"

   Here is another "gem" I found on clearance at my local Meijer. I use the term "gem" lightly, and sarcastically in this situation. This particular quad is being discontinued from the line, so if you happen to be interested in it, I'd get it while you can. As you can see I only paid $3.49 for this quad. There were a few other ones on clearance also, but I didn't pay attention to exactly which ones. 

     In a nutshell: This quad looks beautiful in the pan and when swatched. It's a nice neutral quad, with a subtly pop of peach. That being said: the color does not transfer to the eyelid AT ALL. It boggles my mind how this swatch so beautifully on my hand, but when applied to the eye - nothing. I tried a brush and the sponge tip applicator also. Still - nothing. Such a shame considering how pretty it looks. If you are looking for a sheer, subtle eye look, this is your man (or girl, which ever you prefer). If you are looking for pigmentation, save your hard earned cash. All the other Colorstay quads get rave reviews, and I see now why this one is being discontinued. 

Left to right: white/ cream matte shade. Soft peach/pink satin shade. Yellowy tan satin shade. Chocolate brown demi matte shade.

What are your experiences with the Colorstay quads? Did I just pick a bad one or what??

I give this quad:

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