Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Products I'm Using Up

    I don't really want to call this a "Project 10 Pan" because I intend to use these products completely up, not just "hit pan". Nor does this coincide with a "no-buy". (I am on a no-buy, but for other reasons). I'm not trying to go through these because I hate the product or anything like that. There are varying factors in this, as I will state below. Does anyone else have any products there are trying to get though right now? What are yours?

  • Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser (35% left): I'm trying to finish this one up because I have another I want to use. I bought the Morning Burst kind, and I prefer that to this original one. I do like this face wash, I just don't want to try to go through 2 at once.
  • OPI Top Coat (55% left): I enjoy this top coat, but now that it's half gone, it's very hard to get the product on the brush. I have to tilt the bottle to do so. I now have a bottle of Seche Vite, and that stuff is AWESOME. So I'm finishing this top coat so I can use the other.
  • B&BW 'Be Enchanted' body lotion (65% left): I have SO many lotions that's it's a bit ridiculous. I decided to just pick a bottle and stick with it until it's gone. 
  • Philosophy 'Happy Birthday Beautiful!' body wash (65% left): I recently purchased a bottle of B&BW 'Pink Chiffon' body wash that I want to use, so I am finishing this one up first. This is actually very good body wash, and it smells just like a birthday cake =)
  • NYC 'Sunny' bronzer (15% left): What?! Why is this here?? Well, because I already have a back-up lol. I also have 2 other bronzers I use occasionally. So I'm sticking strictly to this one until it's gone. 
  • Rimmel Match Perfection concealer (5% left): I thoroughly enjoy this concealer. I however just picked up Maybelline Mineral Power on clearance at Target that I'd like to use. I figured this is almost gone, so I may as well finish it before I start a new one. 
  • Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation (25% left): You know I adore this foundation, I've blogged about it many times. This is actually my 2nd one that I'm working on. I started using Neutrogena Healthy Skin not too long ago, and I REALLY love that foundation too. I decided since I now have 3 foundations I'm cycling though, I need to finish one altogether. This having the least amount of product in it, got to be the chosen one. 
  • Sephora eyebrow pencil (55% left): I just want to be done with this pencil. I have been working on it for months now. I bought another eyebrow pencil I like better, so I am just ready for this one to be gone. 
  • e.l.f Eyelid Primer (2% left): I'm just trying to finish this off because it's on it's last leg. I don't know if there is even 2% left in here; I maybe have 3 uses left.  
  • (not pictured) Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (??% left): I have no clue how much is left in this mascara, it's literally about gone. I can probably use this 2 or 3 more times and that's it. Great mascara, but I won't be buying again anytime soon, I have too many others to finish up first. 

Those are the things I am currently working on. How about you? Have a great day lovelies!

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