Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I just want to thank my lovely friend, Elven Eyes, for having this giveaway! I've never won anything before, so I have been super duper excited! As I stated in my video, she and I actually correspond frequently, so I feel more like I received a very thoughtful gift from a friend. It means a lot to me, so THANK YOU!!! Also, kids thank you for all the bubble wrap, they had a blast ;-)

Watch my video:

Keep reading for more pictures!

Bath & Body Works goodies: lotions in Sweet Pea & Rio Rumberry. Fragrance Mist in Rio Rumberry

Shea Cashmere lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Twilight Woods HandiBac's

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush glosses. L-R:
Grapefruit Blast, I Want Candy, Strawberry Fizz, Juicy berry, Taffy Go Lucky

Zoya Surf & Beach polishes. L-R:
Arizona, Zuza, Meg and Rory

Meg, Arizona, Kimber (same collection, I purchased), Rory and Zuza.

Please check out all of Elven Eyes projects by clicking the links below! Have a great day everyone!!

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