Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nails: Neon Crackle Sponge Tips

Gonna make this one short and sweet folks, I have videos to edit =)

1) Start off with a layer of white polish
2) Using a small piece of a makeup sponge, sponge the green (Pure Ice - Wild Thing) at the bottom of the nail.
3) Using another side of the sponge, sponge the purple (Sinful Colors - Dream On) on the middle potion of the nail.
4) Again, using another edge of the sponge, sponge the pink (Sinful Colors - 24/7) at the tips of the nail.
5) When it's all dry, I applied a layer of L.A Girl silver crackle to the top, topping all off with a top coat.

I used a paper plate to pour small amounts of polish on to dip the sponge into. Much easier than painting directly onto the sponge.

Happy Beautifying loves!

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