Monday, August 20, 2012

Swatch: L'Oreal 'Pink Carat' Nail Polish

Hi guys, this is just a quick post.

I picked this little gem up on clearance at Rite Aid for only $2.99. Not sure if it was in a collection or anything, I didn't do any research. Check your clearance bins ladies, Ive been seeing lots of good stuff! (I've restrained myself for the most part though lol)

This is 2 coats, plus top coat. I used Revlon's 'Stunning' as my accent nail. This polish is a coral color (very reminiscent of WnW Tropicalia), it leans more on the coral pink side though, not coral orange. I held my hand up against my shirt in the below picture, as you can see my shirt is a coral orange color, this polish is much pinker.  

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