Thursday, August 23, 2012

Swatchfest: Maybelline 2012 LE Color Tattoos

Hi loves! Today I have for you the very much searched for by me, new Color Tattoos. Very exciting stuff ladies! I have been searching high and low for these babies. I've been to probably 5 different Rite Aids, 2 Walgreens, and Meijer. No luck. Then last night, I just had a feeling. I told my husband to pull into this Rite Aid, and there they were! A full display just for me! ;-) 

I did notice on the display that they are repromoting 2 permanent shades with collection: Bad to the Bronze and Audacious Asphalt (which I already own). They also have a little eyeshadow brush on the display, to use with these products I am assuming. There are 4 shades total in this collection, but I only picked up 3. (I'm thinking I may pick up the green one as well). These retail for $6.69 each at Rite Aid. There are no deals going on with Maybelline this week unfortunately, but I did have a $2 UPreward coupon, bring my total to $20. 

The 3 shades I picked up, as you can see in the above picture: are Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer, and Rich Mahogany.

On to swatches, so keep reading!

Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer and Rich Mahogany

Barely Beige. This is the one I was most excited for. I'f I could only find one shade, this is the one I was hoping for. This is so beautiful! I've been hearing this called a dupe for MAC's Bare Study paint pot. This is a true pale beige with shimmer. The consistency is a dream. It applies very opaque and creamy. This would be a great base, but also a really pretty stand alone shade. 

Gold Shimmer. There is a lot of curiosity if this is just like Bold Gold (from the perm line) or not. I have seen many swatches and they are NOT alike. You can check out Amarixe's website for color comparisons. This one applied just like Barely Beige. Very smooth, creamy and opaque. This is more of an antique gold with fine micro shimmer in it. Very pretty, will be beautiful for fall. 

Rich Mahogany. This one is a stunner in the jar. A very rich, warm brow with fine micro shimmers of red and green/gold. Seriously beautiful. However, the shimmer in this one doesn't translate to the skin very much. A bit of a disappointment if you ask me. It is still a very pretty brown color that will look great under yur neutral shadows for fall. This one didn't have quite the same formula as the other 2, but not terribly bad either. It was just a little patchy, and needed 2 swipes to produce the swatch. I think this would look awesome paired with Urban Decay's Darkhorse for a dark smokey eye. 

L-R: Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer and Rich Mahogany

Have any of you had any luck finding these? If you are looking for the 4 bright colored ones, I'm pretty sure they are exclusive to Target, so check there! I found  a full display of them yesterday at my local Target. All 8 of these new Color Tattoos are LE, so if you want some, buy them when you see them because they will go fast!

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