Sunday, January 22, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Foundation review

    I have not stopped hearing rave things about this foundation since I've been in the makeup blogging world. Although I LOVE my Dream Smooth Mousse, I decided to try it.
    I have sensitive skin, so I was a little nervous paying $12.99 for this product, in case it broke me out terribly.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this did not cause any reactions to my skin. 
   This is a full coverage foundation, so it is a little heavy. I find in this winter weather, it can tend to look a little cakey on my face. It does have a SPF 15 in it, and I do not find that it makes the foundation look shiny, or anything like that. If it is not blended into the skin well enough, it will fall into fine lines and look a little odd. Without paying attention, I did pick up a bottle meant for dry skin, instead of oily/combo (which is what I need). I think this will look best on me in the summer, but I do like to use it now because of the full coverage. 
    I have found a method to avoid too much caking. Instead of applying directly with a brush, I first apply it with my fingers, then buff it in with the brush. I find that this works it into the skin much better. I use either a regular foundation brush, or a flat top kabuki (like the ELF brush, or a Sigma F80 if that's what you use). After using my fingers and a brush, sometimes I go over it with a cosmetic sponge to blend in any brush lines. 
    I do not top this foundation with a powder, because I do not feel it needs one. This foundation claims to last 16 hours, but I haven't worn it that long to corroborate this claim. It does wear very nicely on this skin through the day however, and I would consider this very long lasting. Defiantly through the work day with no problems. 
    This bottle doesn't come with a pump. You must either shake onto your finger, or shake it out on to  the back of your hand. A pump would make this a better product to me, but I can live without it. This foundation runs between $11 and $13, and is available at any drugstore, Walmart, Ulta etc. 
    Bottom Line: Would I repurchase this product? If need be, I would. I would however read the bottle better and get the right formula for my skin, LOL. 

What do you think? Are you a Colorstay lover? Are you interested in trying this foundation? 

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