Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coastal Scents Hot Pots - Info & Swatches

    Hello lovelies! How are you all doing today? 
    About a week ago I placed an order on the Coastal Scents website, and I wanted to share with you all what I got. I was very interested in the Hot Pots, but couldn't find a whole lot of swatches, so hopefully this post is helpful to those of you who are also interested in these eyeshadows. 
Hot Pots are the same size as a MAC eyeshadow, 1 inch. They cost $1.99 each, but some are clearanced at $1.49. The pigmentation and texture of these eyeshadows is AWESOME. They are so soft, silky and creamy. Not at all chalky, or hard to blend. I believe there are 166 (or maybe 116?) shades to choose from, so whatever you are looking for, they probably have it. I love that there is such a variety of matte shades, as that can be hard to find sometimes. Coastal Scents always has a deal going on that states if you purchase 12 Hot Pots, you can get a 12 pot palette for free. I found that to be a deal I couldn't pass up (where else would I put them? lol) The palettes are a little smaller than a MAC palette, as MAC palettes hold 15 shades. The palettes are a nice matte black, with a huge mirror inside, which is nice for traveling. 
All the shades now have names on the website, but on the actual pan they are still labeled with a letter/number system. (Except new shades, which just have the name) What do the letters mean??

M - Matte
S - Satin/ Shimmer
B - Blush
CM - Creative Me shade
ME - Metallic/ Foil

All my palettes are custom palettes, they do not come this way, this is just they way I set them up.
On to the shades I chose, and the swatches!

Neutral Palette:
(swatches done over Sephora eyelid primer)

This is how they look in the Coastal Scents palette

L-R: Elven Silver - Elven Gold - M04 (Chamois Nude) - M07 (Oatmeal Tan) -
M16 (Light Taupe) - M21 (Cameo)

L-R: M22 (Creamy Latte) - M27 (Camel Taupe) - S03 (Flesh Tone) -
S05 (Frosty Taupe) - ME02 (Aluminum Taupe) - ME)* (Canary Gold)

Cool Palette:
(swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)

L-R: ME04 (Light Plum) - Perfect Plum - S13 (Tyrian Purple) - Vibrant Plum -
Reef Blue - M12 (Aqua) - Gypsy Blue - Elven Blue - 
S24 (Forest Green) - S11 (Paris Green) - Jewel Green - ME09 (Kiwi Green) 

Warm Palette:
(swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)

L-R: Reef Sand - Reef Pink - Reef Coral - M14 (Petal Peach) -
S09 (Salmon Peach) - S15 (Coral Pink) - S32 (Melon) - S33 (Peach) -
S39 (Peachy Copper) - ME12 (Coral Rose) - ME13 (Peach Silver) - ME17 (Light Apricot)

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