Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Make A "Spectacle" of Yourself

     As you may, or may not know, I am an eyeglass wearer. I noticed after I had my second baby that my vision just wasn't what it used to be (amazing how having babies changes your body!). The problem for me with glasses is this: THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE! I try to pick the cheapest pair I can, and I still walk out of the store at least $150 in the hole. Jeez!

    You know me, I love to find a deal. I love deals on makeup, clothes, toys, food, you name it. Finding a deal on cheap glasses is exactly what I needed, and along came GlassesUSA.com !

GlassesUSA is a great site for a number of reasons. They have prescription eyeglasses starting at just $38, lenses included! Want a name brand pair? They have 'em! They have brands such as: Coach, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Lucky Brand, etc. GlassesUSA also has an awesome Refer-A-Friend program. If you sign up for it, they will give you a custom link to share on your Facebook. Every friend who orders their first pair of spectacles through your link, will earn you $30 in credit. 

   I also love their new Virtual Mirror program. The Virtual Mirror allows you to try on any pair of glasses on the site, from the comfort of your couch. Here is me playing around with it:

Here are a couple pairs that really piqued my interest, as you can see the Coach pair is only $131. That's less than the last pair of cheap-o's I got.

So what are you waiting for? GlassesUSA has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, and offers free shipping on all orders. All you need to do is get your eyeglasses prescription from your eye doctor, and pick the pair you love! 

I have a couple of discount codes just for you, my readers! 

Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses/ sunglasses frames, plus free shipping. 

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.
Code: Blog10

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

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