Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Review

    I have 5 of these trios now, and I thought I'd do an in depth review of them. Overall I really really love these trios. The pigmentation is amazing, and they are only $2.99. I have gotten some on sale for less also. All of the trios are labeled as "browbone", "crease", and "eyelid" instead of having shade names. Individual reviews are in order from my favorite, to least favorite. I say least favorite, but I LOVE all of them (that I own).

Walking on Eggshells

    I can't say enough about this one, I LOVE it! I think everyone should own this trio. If you don't have it, go get it. NOW. Stop reading, go to Rite Aid and buy this right this second. Are you back? You made your purchase? Good, things are well in the world again. All kidding aside, the colors in this are gorgeous. They will look great on any skin tone. The browbone shade is a shimmered cream color. The crease shade is a shimmered bronzy brown (very pretty). The eyelid color is a frosty pink champagne color. This is a great trio for a neutral look, or on a day when you want a softer look. I will defiantly repurchase this again, and have bought it as a gift for other people.

Silent Treatment

    This is the 2nd trio I ever purchased (on recommendation from Emily of Beauty Broadcast). This reminds of of the I'm getting Sunburned, but a different cooler toned version. The browbone shade is a soft baby pink. The crease shade is a VERY DARK, VERY pigmented sparkly shade, more charcoal colored. The eyelid shade is a metallic lilac/taupe color. This trio is great because you can use just two of the colors for a nice day look, but you add that crease shade and BAM! Beautiful smokey eye.

I'm Getting Sunburned

    I just received this for my birthday (thanks Jaimee!) After playing around with it, I love it! All three shades are shimmer (most of the trios are). The eyelid shade is a gorgeous bronze. Gorgeous probably doesn't even cover it. The crease shade is also a VERY DARK, VERY pigmented sparkly brown, with a hint of a red undertone. Very much like Silent Treatment, but more brown than charcoal. The browbone shade looks like a bubblegum pink in the pan, but comes out more sheer and wearable. I enjoy this trio thoroughly.

Dancing in the Clouds

    This one is part of the LE Dream Weavers Collection. On an off chance I picked this up at Rite Aid, and it wasn't even by Wet n Wild stuff. I looked for more, but there were none. Oh well, it is the only one I wanted anyway. I have to say I am a little disappointed. The one shade that drew me to this, is a let down. The bright purple crease shade is just not very pigmented. It does ok, over a purple cream base, but you really have to dig into the pan. The eyelid shade is a very nice rose gold color. The browbone shade is a light dusty gold color. These two eye shadows are nicely pigmented, but that purple is a real bummer.

Spoiled Brat

    This is the 1st trio I ever bought. Not long after purchase I dropped it and completely lost the pink eyelid color. It was a VERY bright magenta pink. It actually looked like crap on me, and I didn't know how to use it at the time, so I'm not too disappointed it broke. The browbone shade is a silver color that reminds me of a silver foil nail polish. It's very cool. The crease shade is a very pigmented black with silver sparkles. I use this shade a LOT to go on top of my eyeliner. That black is probably my most used Wet n Wild shade. It's worth the price of the trio itself, it's a really good black.

    So that's my review on what I have. All are winners in my book, except that purple. What are your favorite trios? Which ones should I pick up next?
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