Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Newsworthy this April

   It's that time once again, when I'm coming off of a makeup buying binge. *hangs head in shame* I was just looking through my collection, realizing just how much I have. It's cray- cray, let's just leave it at that, lol. It's time to shop the collection, so to speak, and start using things. I have quite a few eye shadows and palettes that have only been used once or twice, before moving on to the next new thing.
    I'm also realizing it's not just eye shadow I have a plethora of, it's blushes too. My blush collection has recently exploded, thanks to my new coral/ peachy colored blush obsession.
    So, my lovely readers, it's time for another monthly makeup schedule. If you've been a reader here for a while you will remember I did this is November also. I can't promise that I will be as good about posting every day as I was before, but I'm really good give it a 110% effort! I've decided that if I have same brand eye shadow and blush, I will coordinate on those days.
    Below I will list kind of a run through of the brands I have, and what I have to work with, so if you want to see a look with any particular product, please leave me a comment below so I can work it in for you.

Urban Decay
  • Naked palette
  • Naked 2 palette
  • 15th Anniversary palette
  • 10 pan palettes (Green Eyes, Secret World, Caviar & Bubbles)
  • 3 trios (Rock & Roll, Rust/Walnut/Golden Bronze, Aloha/Mink/Deep Bronze)
  • 2 blushes
Wet n Wild
  • 8 pan palettes (Comfort Zone, I <3 Matte, Petal Pusher)
  • 5 Color Icon Trios
  • 4 Color Icon singles
  • 6 pan palettes (Greed, Pride, Lust and Vanity)
  • 32 color palettes (old Warms and Brights, new Warms and Cools)
  • 2 quads (Day 2 Night and Butternut)
  • 4 blushes
Coastal Scents
  • Warm palette
  • Shimmer palette
  • 10 Blush palette
Too Faced
  • Natural Eye Palette
  • Beautiful Dreamer collection
Random Drugstore
  • Everything from Sally Girl, Cover Girl, Rimmel, Ulta, etc.

So how is this breaking down for the rest of the month?

Sunday - NYX
Monday - Random Drugstore
Tuesday - Coastal Scents
Wednesday - Too Faced
Thursday - ELF
Friday - Wet n Wild
Saturday - Urban Decay

I will post the list in the side bar, in case anyone is interested. Remember to leave a comment below of what products you would like to see a look from. Have a wonderful night my lovely readers!

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