Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swatchfest: Too Faced Summer Eye palette

    As you know, I purchased the new Too Faced Summer Eye palette the other day. I had to ask for it at Sephora because it wasn't on display yet. But they pulled one out of the drawer, and I was the first purchaser ;-) Super exciting, I assure you. So here are some pictures and swatches, and I will post my initial impressions at the bottom. Enjoy!

L - R:
Sugar Sand - Plumeria - Cocoa Beach - Peach Fuzz - Coral Crush - Chocolate Sun - 
Sunbeam - Mermaid - Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut - Mermaid - Sunbeam - Chocolate Sun - Coral Crush - Peach Fuzz -
Cocoa Beach - Plumeria - Sugar Sand

    My favorite shades of this palette would be: Sugar Sand (reminds me of Urban Decay's Sin a little bit), Mermaid, and Toasted Coconut (such a nice warm brown). I do like all of the shades, those are just my favorites. The only one I could care less for would be Sunbeam. Both Sunbeam and Peach Fuzz have TONS of glitter, but at least with Peach Fuzz, the eye shadow actually shows up. I feel like when I apply Sunbeam I get all glitter and no eye shadow. Kind of annoying. You can even see by the swatches that it just looks poopy. Boo! 

Overall, I really like this palette as a whole. It has some very beautiful brown shades, very warm toned. I love the pinks because they are not overbearing (Urban Decay Woodstock anyone?). Lastly, who doesn't love coral, I mean come on! ;-)  I give this palette an A-.  If it weren't for that crappy Sunbeam shade, and the $36 price tag, I'd give it an A+.

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