Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nail Swatch: Revlon 'Girly'

   You will have to excuse all the nail swatching lately, but I haven't done any in so long. I have so many cool nail polishes I want to show, so I'm trying to be better about taking pictures as I wear them. 

   This particular polish I first heard about on Nouveau Cheap blog, and had to go find it right away. This polish is called Girly, and it is part of Revlon's new collection called "Bubblegum Days & Urban Nights". I am not exactly sure when this collection first surfaced, but it had to have been very recently as I hadn't even heard of it before a few days ago.

Girly is a bubblegum pink jelly base, packed full of different sized glitter in a few different colors. The most prominent glitters colors I can detect are: silver, fuchsia & purple. Swatches below are 3 coats (it really was fine with 2 coats) and topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat. Dry time is a big slow, but I did have fairly thick layers, so that does factor in a bit. 

Have you seen this collection? Do you love this color as much as I do?

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