Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swatchfest & Review: Khroma Beauty - Khloe's Kardazzle palette

Hi Dolls!

     I was pretty excited when I started seeing this palette pop up in blogs and youtube videos. Not because I'm a huge Kardashian fan or anything (although I must say, I think Khloe is hilarious) but because it looked like such a pretty little neutral palette. You all know, I am a neutral whore. I was really drawn to the Khroma Beauty Khloe's Kardazzle palette because it seemed nice an compact, and it's a full face palette. Besides containing 8 eyeshadows, this palette has a slide out drawer with blush, bronzer & highlight. It comes in plastic packaging. So that's a quick rundown of that palette, let's get more in depth to how I actually feel about it.

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     First things first, when I thought this was compact, I had no idea how compact it really was. This palette is the same size as say, a debit card. It's maybe a half inch thick, and that's pushing it. I think that's very fun and cute, but for $13, it's sort of a ripoff. The packaging itself is a hard plastic with a snakeskin print on it. It is very cute, I'll give it that. One problem I have with it though is the slide out drawer. It seems pretty flimsy, and it doesn't stay put very well. Once I slide it out, it wants to just do it's own thing. I also feel like it is eventually going to just break off. 

Where the face products are concerned, I feel they are actually quite good. The highlight shade is GORGEOUS. It's a beautiful golden color, very reminiscent of theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer (which is my fave). I'd say this highlight is a bit more golden, and it's a bit more powdery. Very pretty though. The blush is pretty darn pigmented. It's a beautiful deep, true peach shade. The bronzer I wouldn't say is really a bronzer. It reminds me a lot of Exposed blush by Tarte. It has that rosy tan aspect to it. I did use it as a contour, and it looks fine, it's just not very dark. I think it would really work best as a blush. That's just my opinion. The texture is very nice, not overly powdery. All the products apply evenly, and smoothly. Like I said, I think these face products are really good. 

The eyeshadows.... oh you tricky little buggers. The top row of shadows are all matte, which I appreciate, and the bottom row are metallic finishes. I like the combo of matte and metallic. It makes for a more well-rounded eye look. The texture is very creamy, almost (dare I say?) wet feeling. They are defiantly powder products, they just feel very creamy to me. The first two matte shades are about useless. They really don't even show up, and I'm pretty fair skinned. The third shade is not bad, I would compare it to Naked by Urban Decay. The pigmentation of the UD shadow is far superior however. The dark matte brown is a cool, ashy toned color when applied. I like the color, it just isn't as dark as you think it's going to be. The metallic shades are also just ok. The darkest one, again, is not as dark as you think it's going to be. It's more of a rosy brown color. It's a gorgeous color, just not the shade you see in the pan. I don't know, they are your standard metallic neutral colors. Nothing too spectacular about them that I could really elaborate on. The pans of shadow themselves is about the size of a penny I would say. 

     All in all, I think this palette could be a lot better, especially for the price. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Wet n Wild, I don't know. I just think they have set such a high bar where drugstore eyeshadows are concerned, that it's hard for other brands to live up. I could have bought 4 Wet n Wild trios for the price of this palette, and would have gotten much better pigmentation, and bigger pans of shadow. 

I found this palette for $12.99 at my local Meijer, but I've also seen them at Ulta, and I hear they are available at CVS also. There are other palettes and kits in this Khroma collection, but this pretty much put me off from buying anything else. I mean the lipstick/ lipgloss duo is $15. That's way too much for a drugstore product. These products are just average, nothing to write home about. I will post a look tomorrow using this palette.

My Final Grade:

Face Products: A-
Matte Shadows: D
Metallic Shadows: C
Packaging: C

Have you seen these? Tried them? Love it or leave it?

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