Friday, December 21, 2012

Swatch & Comparison: New Maybelline Color Tattoo - Barely Branded

     Yesterday I put my foot in my mouth about the new gold Color Tattoo, and also the beige one. If you missed that post, you can click here. I wanted to do a swatchy swatch of Barely Branded today, and compare it to it's counterpart: Barely Beige. 

     I still stand by my original statement that if you missed out on Barely Beige, run out and get this new one. I said RUN, not walk. Go get it it, NOW. ;-) Both of these are very creamy champagne shades. I'd say that Barely beige may be a tad bit pinker.

Oh, and before I forget.... this just happens to by my 300th blog post. Pretty awesome :-)

Barely Beige  /  Barely Branded
Barely Beige  /  Barely Branded

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