Thursday, December 20, 2012

Swatch & Comparison: New Maybelline Color Tattoo - Gold Rush

     Well friends, today I eat my own words. When I looked at the new Maybelline 24 Hour Metal Color Tattoos (what a long name!) the other day I decided the only one I needed was Inked in Pink. I use the word 'needed' loosely here. I thought it silly for them to release yet another gold shade. You have Bold Gold from the permanent line, there was Gold Shimmer in the fall collection, and now Gold Rush. I also thought I didn't need to pick up Barely Branded because it was so similar to Barely Beige from the fall collection also. Well the makeup addicted junkie in me looked up swatches of these new Metal shades and decided I needed both. 

    Gold Rush is VERY different from both of the other shades. In comparison, the other 2 don't even look gold. Gold Shimmer is more of a green tinged antique gold, and Bold Gold is more of a murky gold. 

    First up will be a swatch of Gold Rush, then in following photos will be comparisons to the other gold shades in the line.

Maybelline 24 Hour Metal Color Tattoo - Gold Rush

Bold Gold  /  Gold Shimmer  /  Gold Rush

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