Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ideas for Pre-teens

     I realize not everyone reading this blog is my age, as I've said before. I have nieces, and cousins, who are about the age where makeup and beauty start to become interesting. I was thinking back to when I was that age, and what I liked to use. Obviously I didn't wear a lot of makeup (as young girls shouldn't), but there were things I liked to do, and use. Here are some ideas for the younger generation out there =)

1) Lip gloss: Lip stick is for older girls, but lip gloss is good for all ages. When I was younger I could not get enough of Lip Smackers! They are still cool nowadays also =) There are so many out there! Skittles, fruit "flavors", soda pop "flavors", you name it. It is like a chap stick in the way it feels on the lips, but it also gives you a little color without being full on "made up". 
Look what kind of collection you could have! =)

The BEST one to have, for any age!

Bath & Body Works
2) Scented Lotion:  Who doesn't like scented lotion?? There are so many out there to choose from these days. My one piece of advise would be, to pick something that smells fresh and light, not too much like perfume. Some brands to consider: Calgon & Bath and Body Works. Scents to consider: Morning Glory (Calgon). This was my FAVE when I was younger. Also from Calgon: Marshmallow, Vanilla Swirl, Cotton Candy or Powder Fresh. From Bath and Body Works: Sparkling Berry Bliss, Country Chic & Carried Away, just to name a few. At BBW you can get 3 of the small sized lotions for $10, and normally they are $5 each.


I will do more posts of ideas in the future. I just wanted to give you all a little something to think about. Maybe you thought Lip Smackers were "un-cool", well now you know they defiantly are NOT un-cool! As always, Happy Beautifying!!

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