Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nighttime Look

     I should have taken a picture of myself this morning so you could see how I changed up my daytime look, without redoing my whole face. Well I forgot, so oh well!
Products used:
Tinted moisturizer
Mineral powder
Light brown e/s (matte)
Medium brown e/s (matte)
Tapestry Taupe e/s (frosted)
Shimmery peach blush
Eyelid primer
Brown liquid liner
Purple eyeliner pencil
Purple e/s
Peach lip gloss

Added for nighttime:
Black e/s (shimmery)
Black liquid liner
Black eyeliner pencil
Highlighting powder
Peach toned lip stick
Pink lip gloss

    I did a very natural, neutral brown eye look for daytime, although I did purple eyeliner on the lower lash line. To punch it up a little I added some black eye shadow in my outer V area, and a little into the crease. I blended that out to a nice smokey eye. My brown eyeliner had basically come off, so I relined my lid with a black eyeliner. I redid the purple eyeliner on the lower lash line (remembering to top with purple eye shadow). I did add black liner to my upper and lower lash lines. I touched up bronzer and blush, but didn't add any color, I left it pretty neutral. I punched up the lips by mixing a peach lip stick with a pink lip gloss.

Happy beautifying!! =)
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