Monday, September 5, 2011

Totally Turquoise

     This is the other look I came up with for bright eye shadow colors. The hubby said he liked this one better than the pink. (It goes better with my brown eyes is why!)

Products used:
- Eyelid primer
- 88 Shimmer palette (colors used shown below)
- Turquoise eyeliner pencil
- Black liquid liner
-Black eyeliner pencil
- CG Lash Blast mascara

light cream, med teal, dark teal, light brown

1) Prime eyelids
2) Apply darkest shade to out half of lid and under the lower lash line.
3) Apply medium shade to inner half of lid. Blend edges of both colors out to create a soft crease.
4) Apply light brown color into crease. Light cream color under eye brow for a highlight.
5) Use the turquoise eyeliner kind of thick to top lash line. Smudge it out with the dark turquoise eye shadow.
6) Use the turquoise liner under the bottom lash line also.
7) Line lower waterline with the black eyeliner pencil.
8) Liquid liner VERY close to lashes on the top.
9) Curl lashes, add mascara.

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