Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look of the Day 9/15/11

    I kept everything kind of neutral today. I have been going slightly on the boring side this week.... must be my mood? Anyway, on to what I did:

1) I evened out my face with a tinted moisturizer, followed by concealer where needed. I set everything with a mineral powder so my face stays all day. 
2) Next I warmed up my complexion with a light dusting of bronzer. Kind of did it all over the face very lightly, but concentrated most of it on the contours of my cheeks. I finished my face with a shimmery peach blush on the apples of my cheeks, buffed out really well.
3) After priming my lids, I applied a golden pink cream base to my lid space. I did this not only to help my shadow stick, but also to help tie in the colors I am using. 
4) I started with my highlight today, placing a cream color under my brow and into the inner tear duct area. 
5) Using a contour (dome shaped) brush, I applied a light shimmery champagne color to my crease and slightly above, blending out the harsh edges. I also put a slightly darker champagne color right into the outer half of my crease, blending that also. Using the darker shade gives it a bit more definition. 
6) Using an eye shadow brush, I patted a shimmery mid-tone pink to my eyelid. I did not blend this out because I wanted it to stand out a little bit.
7) Using a black eyeliner, I lined my upper lid, winging it out just a bot. I also lined the outer 1/3 of my lower lashline, and all of the lower waterline. 
8) I chose a dark plum color to smudge out my liner, and to set it. I smudged both top and bottom eye liner.
9) Curled lashes, applied mascara, and that was it.

Happy beautifying!

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