Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look of the Day - 8/3/11

I did this look tailored specifically for my brown eyes. However, it is a soft look that would work on almost everyone. I also have hooded eyes, so I kept the eye liner very thin so I don't make the lid appear any smaller. Please remember these are the colors that I have, any similar colors you own work just as well =) Enjoy!

Ulta "Silk" eye shadow
Ulta "Molten" eye shadow

Ulta "Verdigris" eye shadow
Ulta "Sage" eye shadow

Ulta light "Gold Dust" eye shadow (there is a light and dark in my palette)
Ulta "Fame" blush  (rosy color)
Lightest bronzer in my Ulta palette (any bronzer will do)
Chocolate eye liner
Ulta Lash Blow Out mascara
Ulta "Flesh" lip liner
Sephora "Hot Coral" lip gloss

1) Foundation and concealer. Nothing special here, do your daily routine. Also do your eye lids to prime them for shadow. 
2) I start off using the light Gold Dust color. Pack it on all over the lid. This is a light shimmery color and it will help my hooded eyes appear larger.
3) I found the light Sage color to be TOO light, so I mixed a little of the Verdigris into the brush to darken it a little bit. Sweep the green all the way over the crease, inner to outer corners. Blend out harsh lines.
4) Taking a small, stiff dome brush, draw the Molten color onto your outer V area. Don't blend it out, keep it in the V shape. Sweep it under the first 1/3 of your lower lashes to connect the color together. It also gives it a soft smokey look. 
5) Silk goes up onto your brow highlight. Sweep a little also into your inner tearduct area to make your eyes stand out. 
6)Line upper and lower waterlines, filling in the gaps between your lashes. This makes your lashes appear fuller. Thinly line the upper lid.
7) Curl lashes and use mascara.
8)Bronze your face in the "3" motion discussed in the previous blog. 
9) Blush the apples of the cheeks.
10) Thickly line your lips and fill them in with the lip gloss.

Happy beautifying!

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