Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 10 Nail Polishes

     These are my 10 favorites. I don't spend more than $1 for nail polish, and a lot of these came from the Dollar Tree. They have the L.A Colors brand of cosmetics, and I love their nail polishes. I hate that the bottle does not have a color name on it though, I had to look names up online.

1) LA Colors "Shock" (bright yellow)
2) Wet n Wild "Lavender Creme" My FAVE
3) NYC "Times Square" (red with a bit of orange)
4) Wet n Wild "Dreamy Poppy" (pinkish coral)
5) Ulta "Brownette" (nude gold)

1) Sinful Colors "24/7" (HOT pink)
2) Wet n Wild "Blazed"
3) LA Colors "Wired" (bright blue)
4) Wet n Wild "Bite the Bullet" (grayish purple)
5) LA Colors "Tease" (dark pink)

     These are my Top 10, what are your favorite nail polish colors?

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