Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look of the Day - 8/9/11

     This is a darker taupe colored eye. I used one of the Barescentual creme shadows samples I received at Sephora for this look. The color is a real iridescent purpley taupe color, and it is kind of dark. You can use whichever base you prefer, or none at all. A lighter base will give you a lighter, more natural result. I am not overly thrilled at how my look turned out, it's a little dark for daytime, but that's what trial and error is all about! =)

     *Creme shadow base
     * LA Colors 6 color palette in "Precious", using the lightest and darkest colors. I bought this at the Dollar Tree for $1.
     * Covergirl "Tapestry Taupe" eye shadow (high end = MAC "Satin Taupe", low end = WetnWild "Nutty" single)
     *Chocolate (or any brown) eyeliner pencil
     * White eyeliner pencil
     *NYC bronzer in "Sunny"
     * Sephora blush in "Peche Tendre" (matte light peach shade)
     * NYC "Rose Gold" lipstick
     *Covergirl Lash Blast mascara  (NOTE: I keep referring to this as Maybelline, it is CG)

1) Using your finger, blend the creme shadow over your lid and crease. Blend in very well, you don't want your shadow to crease later.
2) Using the $1 palette, pack the lightest shade onto the inner half of your lid. Remember that using a patting motion leaves a better concentration of color. Blend the edge by your crease slightly.
3) Using the taupe color, pack it onto the outer half of the lid, blending the 2 colors slightly in the middle. You also want to blend the color up into and a little above your crease. Blend out the edges. Smudge a small amount under the lower lash line.
4) Going back to the $1 palette again, we are using the darkest color as our crease definer. Tap your brush off a little before applying. Use a small circular motion and pop that color right onto the very outer corner of your lid and into the crease.
5) Use a brown eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes. I did a small wing on the top. On the bottom, only use it on the lash line, not the water line. Use the white eyeliner on your waterline to open the eye up a little bit.
6)I used my favorite eye shadow, Crystalline, as my brow highlight. You could use the very first color we used for this part if you want. 
7) I love the NYC bronzer, and I use it most days. I applied it in the the "3" motion (cheekbones, temples, jawline). Put a little down the nose. 
8) The eye is very dark (oops, don't forget your mascara!), so I kept the cheeks fresh and light with a soft peach colored blush on the apples of my cheeks. 
9) Maybe it's just me, but I feel that a darker eye needs a pop of color, so I used my "Rose Gold" lipstick to finish off the look.

Happy beautifying! 

P.S I don't have any lipstick on in this pic

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