Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Favorites!

top to bottom, L to R:

~ TreSemme Tres Two hairspray. $2.97. This stuff is AWESOME, and it smells great!
~ Clean and Clear Foaming Facial cleanser. $3.47. Gets all the makeup off wonderfully.
~ Equate (Walmart) Blackhead Scrub. $2.97. This is really nice, the "scrub" is not harsh at all.
~ CoverGirl "Tapestry Taupe" eye shadow. $3.20. You know this would make it, I use it in every blog lol
~ NYX "Pinched" blush. $5.99. OMG, I die for this blush! It's amazing, and it's also a dupe for the NARS "Orgasm" which costs $27. Double win =)
~ Essence eyeliner marker. $2.49. This works awesome, and the pen form is way easier than the brush
~ Essence Multi-Action False Lash Mascara. $3.49. I love my Lash Blast, but this stuff is amazing!!
~ Fluffy eye shadow/crease brush. $2.97 (for a 2 pack!) I forgot the brand, but this brush is SO soft!
~ Wet N Wild purple eyeliner. $ .69- $ .99  I've been loving me some purple eyes lately haha
~ NYC "Sunny" bronzer. $2.99. BEST PRODUCT EVER. This will probably be on my monthly fave every time because I use this every single day. Best matte bronzer out there in my opinion.

Close up of brush, eyeliner, and "Pinched" blush

     Those are my most used things this month. I'm obviously excited about them because I used the word "awesome" a lot, and lots of these: !!!!!!!!   hehe
     I hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful August. Happy beautifying!!

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