Friday, August 5, 2011

Wet n Wild haul

     Who says you have to break the bank to buy makeup? I decided to cash in some change from the bucket, and do a little shopping. I chose to purchase Wet n Wild brand cosmetics because they are super affordable and I could get more for my money. I've been using Wet n Wild since high school, I think it is a great brand! A lot of my nail polishes are that brand, and at $. 93, why not?! Here is what I came up with:

* Wild Shine nail polish in "Lavender Creme". This is my all time fave color, so I bought a new one since I'm about out. $.93
* Wild Shine nail polish in "Dreamy Poppy". This is an orange pink color. $.93
* Wild Shine nail polish in "Sunny Side Up". This is a yellow/ orange color. $.93
* Wild Shine nail polish in "Blazed". This is such a pretty orange color. $.93
* MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in "Catwalk Pink". $3.83
* Idol Eyes Creme Shadow stick in "Pixi". This is a backup for the one I already have, I LOVE it. $1.99
* Idol Eyes eye shadow trio in "Silent Treatment". I though this was such a neat color combo. Light pink/ iridescent purple gold/ grayish gold. $2.99
* Lipstick in "Breeze" #547C. Neutral beige shimmer. $.99
* NYC brand lipstick in "Cafe". Similar to the Wet n Wild, slightly darker. $.99
* NYC brand lipstick in "Rose Gold". I LOVE this one! I picked it up on a whim, and it is awesome. It reminds of my 'Buff Shimmer' that I love so much. $1.72

     So that is my little Wet n Wild haul. (Ok, so 2 things are NYC brand) I plan to do a look using the products from this haul so you can see that a whole look can be put together for next to nothing. What are your favorite Wet n Wild products?
"Cafe" - "Rose Gold" - "Breeze"

Illuminating Powder
eye shadow trio

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