Thursday, August 4, 2011

Natural Flirty Makeup

     This is probably my favorite look to wear. For a "go-to" everyday look, this is the one I go for. It's a nice natural, eye brightener. I have a little trick for this, and it's a white eye liner pencil.

* Creme base shadow is a light color. The Mary Kay Eyesicles is perfect for this. 
* Ulta "Gold Leaf" eye shadow (soft cream color)
* Ulta "Gold Dust" eye shadow (frosted rose gold)
* Ulta "Aztec Gold" (slightly darker brown/ bronze)  This is optional
* Ulta "Silk" eye shadow (frosted vanilla cream color)
* White eye liner pencil
* Brown liquid liner
* Brown pencil eye liner
* Maybelline Lash Blast mascara
* Sephora "Abricot" blush (slight shimmer) You want a nice warm color
* NYC face bronzer ($1.99 at drugstores)
* Any nude shimmer lip stick, I used my Ulta "Buff Shimmer"
* Sephora "Litchi Shine" lip gloss

     1) Prep your eyes with the creme shadow. Remember this helps your eye shadow blend better and have staying power. Blend well so you do not end up with any creasing as the day goes on.
     2) Sweep the "Gold Leaf" onto your lid area. You can blend this in. We are going for a natural look, not anything stark.
     3) We're going to use the "Gold Dust" on our crease. Use your windshield wiper motion, starting at the outside corner blending in. I used 1 brush for this whole look, my fluffy brush. If you choose to use different brushes, go for it!
     4) This next part is optional. If you feel you need a bit more defintion, you can take the "Aztec Gold" into your outer V area. I think because this is such a natural look, you don't need to. Because I have hooded eyes, I did this step just to define my lid a little better.
     5) This next step is my "trick" step. Take your white eyeliner pencil and draw it all over on your brow highlight area. Smudge and blend it in really well. This is what brightens up those eyes =)
     6) Using the "Silk", or "Crystalline" by Mary Kay works great, go over that white eyeliner. This gives it some shimmer, and now your highlight really pops.
     7) I prefer a liquid liner on my top lash line for this look. I keep it pretty thin, but wing out the edge just slightly. This gives you a flirty feel. It's a nice quick little change up from everyday eyeliner also.
     8) Use your pencil liner on your bottom lashes and your waterline. 
     9) We want pretty dramatic lashes, so curl them very well. I trick is to heat your curler up with a blow dryer for a couple seconds. It makes your eyelash curler like a mini curling iron. Add your mascara, and go for a couple layers. The bigger the lashes, the better in my book.
     10) We are going to finish our face with some bronzer. I say since we're keeping it light, just apply it to the contours of your cheeks. I usually do the "3" application, but I feel that may be too much for this.
     11) Give the apples of your cheeks a pop with a nice shimmery apricot or peach blush. My fave "Abricot Plaisir" by Sephora is perfect for this look, but use what you already own.
     12) I'm not a big lip liner person, and this look doesn't really call for it anyway. Use a nice nude lipstick, and add some gloss.

    I hope you will all try this look, it's my favorite by far. So fun and flirty, almost a "no- makeup makeup" look. Let me know how it works out for you, and Happy Beautifying!! =)

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