Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look of the Day - 8/2/11

Products Used:
(Most products from Ulta "Getaway Glamour" palette)
-Bone" eye shadow (matte cream)
-Gold Leaf" eye shadow (rose gold frost)
-Aztec Gold" eye shadow (bronze shimmer)
-Gold Dust" eye shadow (grayish brown with a slight shimmer)
- Lighter bronzer 
- Deep brown eyeliner
- CG Lash Blast mascara
- Sephora blush in "peche tendre" (matte peach/ pink)
 - Ulta lipstick in "Buff Shimmer" (nude shimmer)
- Sephora lip gloss in "Litchi Shine" (light peach)
- Sephora eye primer
*My earrings are from Forever 21, $2.80

1) Prime eyelids
2) Using a small stiff eye lid brush, pat the "Gold Leaf" color all over the eye lid. Using a patting motion as opposed to a bending motion keep the color in a better concentration. You want those lids to pop!
3) Using your fluffy crease brush, sweep the "Aztec Gold" into the crease and slightly above, towards your brow bone. Use a windshield wiper motion. Blend out the harsh edges.
4) Using the "Gold Dust" color, define your outer V area. (Lash line and crease) Use small strokes and draw a V into that outer corner. Blend it into the lashes, and into the crease over the previous color without covering the bronze.
5) Because we've used a lot of shimmer or frost on the lid, we need to balance it out with a matte shadow on our brow highlight. Using "Bone", pop the color right up underneath your eyebrow and blend it down slightly to connect the entire look.
6) Line your upper and lower lash lines with the brown eyeliner. I used a pencil liner for this look, but a liquid would work just fine.
7) Curl your lashes and add mascara. Don't forget your bottom lashes =)
8) Bronze your face in a "3" motion. Take it onto the cheek bones (suck your cheeks in to find the exact area), up the temples, and along the jaw bone. hence a "3" motion.
9) Sweep the peach color onto the apples of your cheeks. Smile for this, and don't apply to far up towards your eyes. Blend it out towards your hair line, not your nose.
10) Add your lip stick, top with the lip gloss, and Viola! You're done =)

I hope this is an easy, natural look for you. Let me know how it works out. Happy beautifying!

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