Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smokey Neutral Look

Products Used:
- Medium shimmery goldish brown e/s
- Medium matte brown e/s
- Light colored shimmery e/s
- Dark grey or black e/s
- Brown and Black eyeliner pencils
- Eyelid primer
- Mascara
- Darker peach/ apricot blush
- Bronzer
- Nude lipstick and lip gloss

1) Apply eye primer all over, lashes to brow. 
2) Apply shimmery brown shade to the lid. Pat it on, we want a lot of color. 
3) Sweep matte brown onto crease and above, almost to brow bone but not quite. Don't blend it into your crease color.
4) Pop the light shimmery color onto the brow bone for a highlight. Blend crease color out with it also. We want it all uniform with no lines, and feathery looking. Stamp a small amount into the inner tear duct area.
5) Using the small eyeliner brush, apply the grey or black ONLY in the outer V area. This should be very light and feathery, but still give it a little dimension and smokiness. 
6) Apply black eyeliner to upper lid. Top with the black shadow for staying power. Smudge it out a little with the shadow also, we are going for a little bit of a smokey eye. 
7) Apply brown eyeliner to lower lashes. Connect with the black liner, but don't mix the 2 together. Top this with the matte brown shadow and smudge it out a little. Line your water line. 
8) Curl lashes, apply mascara.
9) To finish the face, apply your bronzer. (Temples, cheekbones, jawline). Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. 
10)To sort of tone down the drama, use a nude lipstick. I like "In The Buff" by L'Oreal. Top with a nude gloss, I like "Litchi Shine" by Sephora. 

*** The Urban Decay Naked Palette would be great for this look. I don't own this, but if you do, I'm jealous! =)

Happy beautifying!!

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