Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wet n Wild Mac Dupes pt. 2

     Here's "Part 2" of the Wet n Wild/MAC dupes list. I have even more dupes (duplicates), but they are other brands, and I'm sticking to Wet n Wild for this one. Enjoy!

Color Icon single "Brulee"
Color Icon single "Envy"

<--MAC dupe: "Brulee"

-->MAC dupe: "Humid"

Color Icon trio: "I'm Feeling Retro"
Color Icon trio: "I Dream of Greenie"

Color Icon trio: "I've Got Good Jeans"

Color Icon trio: "Walking on Eggshells"
Color Icon trio: "Silent Treatment"

(in order from top color to bottom color in palette)
I'm Feeling Retro: "Crystal Avalanche", "Odalisque" (Peacocky collec.), "Creme de Violet"
I Dream of Greenie: no top match, "Swimming", "Bitten"
I've Got Good Jeans: no top match, "Dandizette", "Gold Mine" (both from Metal Mega collec.)
Walking on Eggshells: "Shroom", "Cork", "Naked Lunch"
Silent Treatment: "Jest", "Center Stage" (Metal Mega collec.) "Honesty"

     Does anyone have any of these trios? I have the "Walking on Eggshells" (I LOVE it!) and also the "Silent Treatment. They are $2.99 per trio, and one MAC shadow is $14.50. Hmmm.... I wonder what the better bargain is? ;)

Happy beautifying! 
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