Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sweet Teen

This is my beautiful little sister Kirstyn. I did a fun little flirty look on her that is super cute for you teenagers out there.
Products used:
-Sephora eye primer
- Wet n Wild Idol Eyes trio in "Silent Treatment"
- Mary Kay eye shadow in "Crystalline"
- LA Colors liquid liner in Brown
- Ulta eyeliner pencil in "Deep Brown"
- NYC bronzer in "Sunny"
- Sephora blush in "Peche Tendre"
- Wet n Wild lengthening mascara
- Sephora lip gloss in "Rosy Glow"

1) Powder your face, or do your usual foundation cream.
2) Use the eye primer on your whole lid, under eyes, and any blemishes you may have.
3) I bronzed the face in the "3" application (temples, cheekbones, jawline) Blend it out good so it looks soft and glowy, not too "bronzed".
4) Apply the peach colored blush to the apples of your cheeks. You are going for a soft, flushed look. Not a real "made up" look.
5) The Wet n Wild trio has the shades marked "brow bone" "crease" "eyelid". You can use them in the place they are meant for, but I changed it up a little. Taking the light pinkish shade marked "brow bone", pat it all over the lid.
6) We are using the color marked "eyelid" for our crease color. Blend out your harsh lines, soften everything up.
7) We are using the "crease" shade for our crease definition, but not too much. This shade is pretty dark, and we are not going for that result at all. Take a little on your brush and tap it off a little to cut down on fall out. Using a small circular motion, poop it right to the very outer corner of your eye, smudging it into the lash line a little bit. Take it up to your socket bone, but only on the outside corner. We don't want this in the crease much, it's just for definition.
8) Line your top lid with the liquid liner. I did a small wing (I'm obsessed with the wing!), but this is optional to you. It does give it a flirty feel if that's what you are going for. Line the bottom first 1/3 of your lower lashes with the eyeliner pencil. Smudge it out a little to soften up the line.
9) Curl those lashes and apply your mascara. Don't forget your lower lashes =)
10) Apply your lip gloss and- Voila, you are done!

    I hope this is an easy look for you girls to try. Very appropriate school makeup, it's not too done up at all. The Wet n Wild trio is only $2.99 and available almost anywhere. The LA Colors liner is $1 at the Dollar Tree. All other products are things you probably already have. You do not need to spend a lot of money on makeup, and when you are on allowance, who wants to? ;) Enjoy, and as always, happy beautifying!
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