Friday, October 28, 2011

Black & Brown

    So yesterday, I wore an all black outfit with brown boots. This would normally be tacky, but black & brown together are actually pretty trendy right now. This doesn't mean I didn't feel a little odd though, lol. To tie my outfit together I choose leopard print earrings, and did a brown and black eye look.

    I used a deep bronze color for the lid, and blended the crease out with a matte taupe color. I *successfully* applied false eyelashes (1st time, go me!), and used a cream/gel eyeliner over top, and also on the bottom lashes. I finished it off with a little bronzer to the contours of my cheeks. I am wearing NYX lip gloss in Perfect (which is a sheer pink with micro sparkles) .

    What do you think? Is black & brown still a no-no? Does tying your makeup into the outfit help balance it out? I don't know, I'm still worried I looked like a fool, but I was comfortable so who cares?

    Happy Beautifying lovelies =)

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