Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on New Fall Launches pt. 1

     I was walking around Ulta today and got to check out some of the new fall launches for some high end companies. I've read up on these on blogs like Temptalia, and thought I'd see for myself. These are my honest thoughts, and as being someone on a budget some of these products are not worth the money.

In Your Dreams palette - $39
 This palette comes with 9 eye shadows, 3 cheek colors, and 3 lip glosses. The eye shadows are all neutral and smokey colors with one oddball pink shade. All of the products are very small. The box is about the size of a school notebook, and about the same thickness too. It's a cardboard box that opens like a book. The shape is interesting and the picture on the front is very pretty. However I just don't feel this product is worth it. You can find all of these shades in drugstore products for less, and the packaging  just seems cheap to me.
Glamour to Go,  Dream  -$22
 This compact comes with 8 eye shadows, 2 blushes and one lip gloss. I understand this is supposed to be for travel, I get it. But this is the size of a deck of cards, and it costs more than $20. The top opens to show the eye shadows, and it has a small pull out drawer containing the blush and lip gloss. The packaging itself is actually pretty sturdy, and comes with a mirror, which is important for travel. I don't know, I just can't see myself grabbing for this often. You can get an 88 color Coastal Scents palette for the same price, and trust me, you can travel with that as well. This is also one that's not worth the money to me. 

Beautiful Dreamer - $46
 This collection comes with an exclusive eye shadow quad, blush/bronzer duo, deluxe size Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, a full size LashGASM mascara, and a LE pink lip gloss. All are enclosed in a very cute little makeup bag. Out of the 3 Too Faced launches I like this one best. Except for the Shadow Insurance they are all full size products/ compacts, and the bag is GORGEOUS! $46 is still a little steep, but this would be great to get as a gift.
2 for 1 Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original and Sin) $19
 I don't consider this a terrible deal, considering one UDPP is $19, and you are getting 2 full size for the same price. HOWEVER, I do have a small UDPP, and I don't think it performs any better than my $1 e.l.f eyelid primer. If you are a die-hard UDPP fan, I say "go for it!". I'm going to pass on this one myself.
24/7 Travel Set of 5 (Naked & Electric) $32 each
 I did buy the Electric set today (I know, I have issues lol) so I now own both these sets. Is $32 a lot for 5 eyeliners? You bet your butt it is, for any other eyeliner. These are NOTHING like any other eyeliner I've ever used. They glide on like a dream, and the staying power is unmatched. The colors and pigmentation are to die for. I'm SOO happy I picked these up. Ask Santa to get these while he can because they ARE worth the money in my book. A single 24/7 liner is $20, so this is defiantly a deal.

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash - $34
 This is the same concept as the 24/7 liners, but it is an eye shadow pencil. They remind me of NYX Jumbo Pencils, but shorter. There are 3 neutral colors, one electric blue, and one bright purple. The breakdown makes each pencil $6.80. A NYX Jumbo Pencil in $4.49 each, and they are bigger in size. It seems like a neat collectible thing, but I'd rather get more bang for my buck and get a bunch of NYX pencil. I'll pass on this also.
What are your thoughts? Will you be asking Santa for any of these for Christmas, or is high-end makeup just too much for you? Have a beautiful day bloggers!
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