Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Revlon Cream Quad Review

 I picked up these Revlon quads because I've actually been wanting a MAC paintpot, but they are like $17 a piece. I've never owned a MAC paintpot, so I cannot compare them together, but these quads do the job I needed them to do. I found these at Walmart for $5 each, which is way better than $17! I like to apply this product with a brush, but I've used my ring finger and that works just as well. I just feel a brush blends the edges, to prevent creasing, without diffusing the color too much. I use these as an eye shadow base, and when using a coordinating eye shadow, they are amazing! I used the purple color and topped it with a very similar shadow and it was stunning!
Va Va Va Bloom
    This quad has 2 purples in it: a darker wine type purple, and a vivid purple. The end color is a frosty pale pink, and the other is a frosted white. All 4 colors are shimmery. Out of the 2 quads I have, I like this one the best. I wear a lot of gold and purple eye shadows, so it just gets used more.

    This quad has all neutral colors in it, which will help my makeup transition into fall. The first color is a grayed olive green. The second and fourth are both pinky shades. The third is a white shade with a touch of gray tone in it. 3 of the colors are matte, and the last pink shade has a slight frost to it.

Bottom line: I would, and will, buy more of these quads. They do the job, the colors are great, and they are easily blendable  The only con is that you do not get as much product as you think you are getting.

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