Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mother - Son Dance pics

   I'm a totally goof, I totally forgot to post pics of the kids and I all ready for the dance! Funny thing happened while there: Someone brought out a GINORMOUS beach ball for the kids to play with. Of course all 50+ little boys were fighting over it. Well my oldest son got knocked in the chin and fell on the floor, and POP! his loose tooth fell out. LOL He came running over to me smiling from ear to ear, blood dripping, "Mom!! I lost my tooth!!!" What are the chances? I forgot to bring my camera into the dance (duh! mommy brain...) I do have a couple pics to share though.

Myself and 3 of my little guys. The littlest one didn't want to get in on the picture. 

This is the picture we had taken at the dance. Excuse the glare, it was already in a frame. 
c/o Scott Hall photography

Jaedon, after the tooth fiasco. It's so weird seeing him with a 'window' lol

   That's it for dance pics. We had a really great time. Jake (my blonde one) is a really shy guy, but he was running and dancing and talking to kids, the whole time. That had to be the best part for me. They both actually wanted to dance with me (gasp! that won't last long enough). All in all good time, can't wait for next year!

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