Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Favorites

    As you know, I have been going by a schedule this November. It is located to the right hand side of the blog. Anywhoozle, I thought it would be fun to pick ONE specific color, or whatever, from each palette that especially loved using this month. Also, my favorite look from every category.


  • ELF 32 palettes- Brights. I love the bright purple in this palette. It has nice pigmentation, and love the color of it.
  • Wet n Wild gel liner - I am still getting the hang of gel liners, but I really enjoy this. It is easy to apply, and it is VERY black.

Urban Decay- Naked Palette:
  • Darkhorse - I used this color again today (but no sun doesn't help to get pics). I love this deep brown. It has some shimmer to it, which takes the deepness down a bit, I feel that way anyway. 
  • For some reason I only posted one Naked palette look all month, weird. 

Urban Decay- 15th Anniversary Collection
  • Evidence - I LOVE this blue! It's so deep and dreamy. 

Too Faced
  • Push-Up - This is such a cool color. It's a rosey gold, pinkish, bronzey bundle of awesomeness. This is in the Natural Eye palette. 
  • Don't Call Me Poppy - I am really enjoying this poppy, pinkish blush. I have this in a duo from my Beautiful dreamer collection.
Coastal Scents
  • It's so hard to explain colors in CS palettes, as they have no names and there is 88 colors in them. I especially like the teals I used for my Eagles look this month, but the whole palette is amaze-balls. 

    What I've learned this month is that I love a lot of things in my collection. It was hard to force myself to use something on some days when I wanted to use others, but I'm glad I shopped my collection. It was fun to do something, and use something, different everyday. Will I post everyday next month? Probably not. I will do a schedule again in the future, but not next month. My favorite palette to use all month, hands down? Urban Decay 15th Anniversary. I was excited every Thursday because I couldn't wait to use it.
    What were your favorite looks this month? Happy Beautifying!

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