Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ulta Cosmetics Review

    You may recall a couple months back I had an Ulta haul (my first, and my first blog post also) You ca see it HERE. I have now had over 3 months to play with it, and wanted to do a deeper review. I had bought the Getaway Glamour palette for $18. It is still available at Ulta.com .  I was SUPER excited about this, being my first ever Ulta shopping trip and purchase.

    This palette includes 38 eye shadows. The shadows are kind of hit or miss for me. Some of them are REALLY great. (I especially love the color Silk). Some of the others just have shoddy pigmentation. You really have to dig, and then they don't want to blend. The more neutral shades are a lot better than some of the more colorful shades. I don't know, I guess this is actually kind of common for any brand brand really. You have studs... and duds. After purchasing higher end, and cheaper, products that perform much better I just don't reach for my Ulta shadows much anymore. I should play with them more often. There really is a great variety of shades in the palette.
    There are 8 lip colors in this kit. I do actually enjoy the lip colors very much. They are all nicely pigmented. Not the greatest staying power, but I never have much look there (except for Rimmel Lasting Finish). The biggest issues I have are: 1) You have to dig your finger in to put it on, then you have messy fingers. 2) The palette is big, you can't through it in your purse for a lip touch-up. There is an actual tube gloss in this set also, which is very nice. It seems very berry colored with glitter. It comes off more sheer, which is just fine with me. Others may not like that however.
    Getaway Glamour with 2 sets of "stripe" bronzers ( I don't know what to call them, there are stripes of bronzer) These are actually very pigmented, but one set is much too dark for me. I should try it as an eye shadow. There is a "stripe" blush, and also a pressed powder. I haven't used them much, so I can't really review them.
    Lastly, the brushes. The brushes in this palette were absolutely crap-tacular. The lip brush is limp and frays. The sponge tip basically disintegrated. Total bummer there.
    All in all, what you get for the price is not bad at all. There are some letdowns in here, but not all together bad. Have you tried any Ulta brand products? What are your thoughts?
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